Money and mental problems

I’m now in a bad situation I think…
I feel so bad in public places, like studying in a class, public transport, social situations, etc… I feel myself weird. Also I feel myself unable to get a job and past a interview for doing anything, I get anxious at social situations and also I suffer from hyperidrosis in my face when I’m nervous and that is a horrible thing!!! Further I just have mandatory studies and a lot of years doing anything, so I find it impossible that someone get interest in me.

Due all that I’m waitting to visit my Pdoc and ask him if I could get a dissability to make more easy to me to get some kind of job like working in a warehouse or something like this to try…

My current situation is that my grandfather all months give me 200/300€, so I have some savings, but my father always makes me feel bad when I spend some money in clothes or supplements for example, because it’s like I haven’t achieved that money, cause my father wants me working and doing things like the “normal” people and I feel like he don’ t understand that I just can’t …

I have in mind a lot of things like to prove some kind of supplements, or also I have had in mind for so many years operate on my ears, due I have a physical complex and never leave the house with pigtails… So…

I have a moral problem… i don’t know if it’s ethical saving my grandfather money to indulge myself doing these things, but I think it could gave me more confidence in myself for achieve more things.

What do you think about all of this…? :sleepy:
Thanks for reading and take care!


Hey I understand a lot about feeling weird in public, this happens to me quite a lot. Thankfully the Klonopin helped and I think just going out and giving it your best effort is important to :D.

Also from what I’ve seen, you don’t look bad at all so cheer up!

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I’m glad Klonopin is working for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel for you, @Indecisive. I know what you mean when you say you can’t work and be like a normie. I haven’t worked in over 24 years and I don’t think that anyone would hire me for anything after so long. Besides, I’m so out of practice. I have a bad back in my old age and I don’t think I could do any hard physical labor at my age (57). If Trump takes away my SSDI, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I have unusual ears as well. They are the same size but are birth defected a little. It’s not that noticeable but it effects my self esteem yet I would never get plastic surgery on them. I considered it but decided it wouldn’t be worth it. I have come to accept myself for who I am. I am comfortable with my appearance even if I have faults. As far as feeling weird in public, I do because of my delusion but I learn to live with it. I work stocking shelves and I can handle it even if it takes effort. Maybe you should try something simple even if it doesn’t pay much to get started if you can.

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What a shame of Trump. I hope he don’t do so…
You’re 57 but I’m just 21 :sweat:

Are you on dissability?
Yes… It’s easy to think and I’m glad for you to do so, but I’m unable to feel good with my ears, I tried it a lot of times but I can see myself in a good way with tailpigs, it makes me feel depressed, and they’re much better for work…

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No, I’m not on disability. The doctor didn’t think I needed it. As for your ears I feel it may be harder for a girl to deal with something like that than a guy like me. But I do sympathize, it can be difficult.

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I feel strange in public too and I am under control with my symptoms. It’s pretty normal and I think a lot of people feel like that.
As for the tailpigs. I think you should wear your hair however you want and don’t care if your ears are special. No one notices ears.

Except kate hudson you see the ears on that fox