Minor issues of information on the main site

I came across a list of tips for family members on the main site, http://www.schizophrenia.com/family/60tip.html

Many many good points in the long list, but I must admit I had to frown a bit upon some of them:

(6). A delusion will not go away by reasoning and therefore needs no discussion.

(29). The mental illnesses are not on a continuum with mental health. Mental illness is a biological brain disease.

(30). It is absurd to believe you may correct a physical illness such as diabetes, the schizophrenias, or manic-depression with talk, although addressing social complications may be helpful.

Rather harsh on the psychological component I would say. On the forum, many seem to have profited from precisely those kinds of therapies that involve reasoning and talking, like CBT, deemed unnecessary and absurd by the list. I wonder if the information on the main site could use a little brush-up? I don’t think we would want to give family members the false idea that therapeutical interventions are at all times unnecessary or even absurd.


I think it’s getting the point across that you need meds, not talk.

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Yeah I think so too… and that’s a rather selective pick from the treatments available and proven efficient for some of our symptoms, or so it seems to me.

I think everhopeful is hinting that the tone is appropriate and necessary to underline the severity of MI, for non-MI family members.

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I tried to talk away all my thoughts earlier. Made me worse.

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You can get talked out of a delusion however it is very difficult. It only happened to me a couple of times.

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I think with any treatment ,be it medication or psychological therapy, you have to want to engage with that treatment.
That includes accepting you have an illness for which some form of treatment is required.
If you don’t think you are ill why would you bother to engage with any treatment ,be it medication and/or psychological therapy.

Ideally most people need medication backed up by therapy. The standard therapeutic solution is usually CBT based although the evidence base for its positive effects is weak.
Things like social skills training are important too but in a country like mine, the UK,very much overlooked.

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I think it’s letting the loved ones know the severity of delusions… Most loved ones don’t approach them properly and end up becoming angry and frustrated that we are not seeing their logic… This may cause the Sz to shut down and not want to share or discuss their illness with them… Even if it was written best handled by professionals a lot of people will assume they can do it too… I think putting it this way is acceptable…

I totally agree flybottle, think your notions are indisputable.
It’s really up to the moderators decision if they wish to change it

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