Metformin what to expect

Just coz there have been some wonky studies about how metformin can negate weigt gain due to anti psychotics. Well still remain inconclusive.

So ever since I had to increase my seroquel dose to 1000mg from 800mg. On 800mg I was on a small metformin rx and exercise frequency was high of course I managed to land into the 220’s way down from 270 this was one year agi back in feb.

However whilst on 800 mg it wasnt enough I was symtomatic and acting upon it, people were condeming my sanity so I was like ■■■■ you. But I knew that was not right. So I talked to pdoc he increased my dose to 1200mg, I felt sober af although at that dose I would wake up with headaches cloudiness which wouldnt dissapate until late afternoon. So i nudged the dose down to 1000mg no more headache but then my appetite to eat fast food type diet increased and I woulndt give a ■■■■. Now i am in my 240’s. Well i am trying to see if metformin works to curb appetite. It is like I can not tell as of yet. I put running every morning when I can my priority. Diet of oats and strawberry whey. That is the only way I lose weight period.

I have a friend he has been stuck at 300 for a long while its just he doesnt give a ■■■■ what he eats just as long as he exercises. Disciplined exercise is helpful no matter how off your eating habit. Coz when you exercise the rna dna forms your whole inner system into a proficient cardio machine. I am 240 but I can crank out 10 pull ups. Bench my own weight nearly 8 times the diet I am not loyal too ciz of my wrong attitude approach.
Not many can hold onto a goal and eat the same thing everyday. I am just hoping metformin stops me from stopping by burgerking, and my hobby outlets have weight limitations, my hammock has 250lb weight limit my kayak 300. I workout hard until my immune system says rest. Other than that I do experience optimal fitness and know that not even the chimpest of people would want to lock up with me. Id get the best of them simply coz my training etc and even if a super big mofo locks up and takes me down I am putting two to his chest and one to the dome and explaining to the court that was the only option I had left. Cops gun down minorities and never get indicted. Why cant an armed civilian do the same. Bunch of cheating mofos. Sorry for the rant just all that sht on my chest i had to break down peace

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I’ve been on Metformin for years for PCOS. When I was on 1200mg of Seroquel it didn’t affect my appetite. My appetite didn’t become normal until I came off of Risperdal and lowered the Seroquel to 400mg. Now I’m on Geodon and Seroquel. The Metformin has stopped me from progressing into diabetes as I have a lot of risk factors for it. That’s great you are so active. Try switching what you’re eating to something with less calories. Recently I’ve been doing Weight Watchers and have things like apples and peanut butter and veggies dipped in dressing. There’s also a Weight Watcher soup you can make that is all vegetables and can eat as much as you want. Good luck!! :sun_with_face:


I have ended up on metformin due to a spike in the blood sugar and I really don’t diabetes on top of this.

I have a very physical job so I’ve been a bit lucky with the weight. For me it was the blood sugar.

I lost a lot of weight when I first started taking Glucophage - Metformin, this was years ago.

I am currently on a high dose of 2000 mg and have better blood sugar control but I am still on the heavy side.

I do suffer from Diabetes Type 2

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I noticed no marked difference. I have been able to lose 5 lbs a year, while still taking zyprexa. That could be due in part by another med. change.


Thanks for the update on your metformin use. Very helpful for a lot of people. Keep us updated on how things go!

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I’ve found that low carb is the diet that works for me and is sustainable. Eat what you want but count the carbs. Watching fat intake is good to.

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Well I stopped my gym membership because I thought the decision was to move to Alaska however during like a period of 2 months I found myself working out at home and taking supplements. Everything is great about workingbout at home. But there is some aspect that the gym just fills.

So I hope to metaphorically wage war with diet and workoutz again. Come Feb 1. Theres something about seeing people some make tons of gains while others been there for years and hadnt made any.

Fitness goals are not easy to set you have to know what your going for and stick with just one. You cant be an avid runner and bench 300 plus pounds although I had tried in the past but those goals interfere with each other. Good luck