Metformin update

Been on the metformin almost three months now lost some weight, and I am hoping my Insulin level comes down too also I’m going to try drinking more water as well and exercise like I have been doing three days a week for an hour and we will see once I finish my metformin I am going to have to get blood work done and then I will know for sure if it really is wortking an doing its job


Good luck @Melina2!


thanks for the good luck wishes

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Good for you! I couldn’t stay on it because of nausea. I’m glad it’s helping someone though.


I’m currently on 2000mg of metformin but I’ll soon be going on another diabetic drug called Ozempic.
Ozempic is great for weight loss too @Melina2.

I am obese and have to lose a significant amount of weight.

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I am only on a small dose at first of the metformin 500 mg once daily my doctor didn’t want to put me on a higher dose at first until I seen how I tolerated it so far, no side effects at all I am hoping it brings my numbers down I also heard once my numbers are down I will no longer need the Metformin but I am staying on it just for safe measures so my numbers don’t creep back up. And I have lost weight since being on it 8 pounds I believe I am also obese but not to extremes but still fat and would like to lose a significant amount of weight as well good luck to you Wave in losing weight, I heard of Ozempic my Dr also recommended another drug I try that’s if metformin doesn’t work starts with J I’m not sure how to spell it only a few that my insurance will pay for but yeah I hope to stay on the metformin in the long run maybe from now on.


Thanks @Melina2
Best of luck with everything!

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