Memory problems

I often forget what I am doing or what I am going to do. Once I was at a wedding and I told my aunt where is your husband, she kinda got sad and mad and said he died. I completely forgot that he died eventhough I was at his funeral a couple months ago.

I felt so bad and still feel bad when thinking about it. I recently turned 30 and already have memory problems.

Is it from SZ cognitive symptoms?
I can post here as its easy but in real life I suck and have serious issues.


No one here has memory issues?

There was a similar thread not too long ago - Concentration/ memory

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Did you forget :stuck_out_tongue:


For me working memory is most affected. I can’t think of several steps at once so I need to complete one task at a time and then think about doing next and so on. Just like we solve math problems in steps my daily activities too need to do in steps and when do one thing I forget completely about what to do next, what did before etc. Its like searching for a thing in a dark room with a candle or flash light. Can’t light the room fully like a tubelight or other bright light instead need to go to each section one by one which causes delay, lack of interest etc.


Actually my long term memory improved though my working memory got worse. The reason is because at a time I can focus on only one thing so memory is quickly formed and during that time I am not thinking of anything else due to low working memory.

I find working memory games like dual n back most difficult.

If anyone want to test their working memory download this free game here

If we can improve in this game then most of the negative symptoms can be managed.

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Getting good at that game may help cognitive issues, but I don’t feel it will help negatives per se.

Something on the to do list though. Thanks for the suggestion.

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The logic behind why I said so is because negative symptoms is mainly due to lack of ability to process multiple thoughts or information at a time. For example if we do a not needed activity during this time we forget to think about other needed activities and thus spent too much time wasting time on that activity. Like for example sleeping during day, watching movies etc. If we can carry multiple goals in mind at a time we not get stuck in one activity, one thought etc and we can quickly jump from one activity to another. If its depressing thought then we not affected much as we have other thoughts in mind. This is how normal people can remain active.

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That might work for people who have light negatives.

When I have heavy negatives I just don’t want to do anything. Not for lack of ambition or anything, it’s like there are too many thoughts, and I can’t just bear down and hammer out something coherent.

I’m pretty sure it’s a physiological thing though. I read that brain inflammation is tied to negative symptoms, and the suffering schizophrenic just can’t argue away / mentally outwit the physiological process. That’s part of what makes schizophrenia so frustrating, this idea that you can just out-think it, when it appears to be a simple physiological issue, some tissue damage causing chronic brain inflammation.

Emotional stress does worsen the inflammation though, so that part is somewhat psychological.

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Yes I know its due to brain inflammation as normal people have no issue regarding working memory. They can carry multiple thoughts in mind and thus not get confused about what to do next, things to do etc. When working memory get worse executive functions like planning, attention all get effected. Reduced executive function reason for most mental problems.

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A year ago I did a neuropsychological test about my cognitive performance, I was told that I have serious issues in two areas: attention and perception.

I was concerned about my memory and my language skills, but they told me that they are relatively good for a person with schizophrenia.

I’ve downloaded it, but it freezes when trying to enlarge it .

It can’t be made full screen, default window size is sufficient to play.

Play games which makes use of working memory, attention, perception etc. Dual n back is a perfect game to start with. Other games are also there. If you are interested in chess then playing blindfold chess is very useful.

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Dual n back comes in mobile version too, search in playstore for android or app store for iphone. Most of them are free too.

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Playing it just added weight to what I already knew . My crystallised/verbal intelligence is high enough to get me into the likes of this-

but my fluid/non-verbal intelligence falls very much into this category

None of what I’ve said should be taken as a criticism of the test . I do think though the sooner you can do it the more beneficial it will be .

My neuropsychologist said my attention and perception are above average but my language and problem solving skills are way below average. I still managed to get a major degree in physiotherapy.

I’m afraid of getting vascular dementia because I have pulsatile tinnitus (hear blood rushing in my brain at night) which may be due to stenosis and idk if I’d want surgery if it is at an advanced stage