What are the odds nothing is real that happened to me?

There’s no way I can be totally succinct and comprehensive, but what if I’m on a different planet or Earth? Like what if I was switched and continue to be switched across the multiverse or parallel universes? Similar to a shift in digits or numbers or each card being me and each position being a planet earth? This seems to never end. It feels like a time loop sort of like Edge of Tomorrow and what about the aliens and simulation theory? Like what if they are going planet to planet and taking me along with them?

Each planet earth could be a matrix or simulation (or a simulation within a simulation). I never figured it all out like what happened to me. I know for a fact I posted some stuff like (I time traveled, I was a time traveler, we live in a computer, we live in the matrix, and some other possible stuff). But what if they were on other planets and all the memories and psychosis I am experiencing is from other planets? I think this could be possible. That I’m going planet to planet.

So is it possible nothing happened to me besides some false memories or something? I have memories of time constantly resetting like Edge of Tomorrow and that I come back alive with some memories and experiences in tack.

I feel like I could have graduated from my university but I felt compelled or forced to drop out. Like I graduated a few times out of infinity just like I got my schizophrenia cured a few times out of infinity. This has been going on for an eternity and infinity pretty much.

So I am delusional but nothing happened in most regards. It’s all in my head, I guess.

Like I remember history or my past being different sometimes. Like I tried going back in 2013/2014 and I got sick, but what if I did go back? What if I made it before. I think I did, but now I realized I need to move on and not look back.

I get nightmares and stuff. I don’t know what happened to me. It’s so advanced I rather not talk and say much more.

Thank you!

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I think you are just very easily influenced by film, TV and articles.

They get in your brain and the illness starts making connections that don’t exist.

I know how hard it is to stay away from stuff that triggers you,

I have religious delusions and watch paranormal TV shows all the time that totally are bad for my psyche.

Really think we both could benefit from not feeding that beast and abstaining from triggering materials.


That’s some interesting stuff. Maybe you do have false memories. I know my memory isn’t all that good. It looks like you are feeling better today, than yesterday. Back to your old self.

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I really cannot watch anything anymore.


I feel that.

It’s difficult to stay away from stuff when you’re not sure what will trigger you.

Good luck out there, @johnnyboy1.

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I guess I have to try harder and attempt to rebuild my life after ‘what happened’ to me. Basically, I have false memories and delusions, but I just feel like it’s hard sometimes. Like I feel damaged and trapped and scared and disabled and the lot. But I don’t know. I embarassed myself and said a lot of stupid things over the years, but I felt obligated and had to. I definitely regret some stuff but I don’t know. If I didn’t, my dissociation would have been still here and then maybe I would have ended my life a lot earlier or something. I changed whether willingly or by force. I don’t know. All I know is I changed. Some darkness still resides in me but I also found light and hope.


That sounds like some good positive thinking. Hopefully you can get things straightened out.

So johnny, do you live alone, or do you have other people around you. I live alone in my own apartment, but I used to live with my mom back in 2008 and before.

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