Has anyone thought that they had gone unto another dimension or just me

And is it part of schizophrenia?


I sometimes believe that I’m communicating with other dimensions, but I have no proof.


I’ve been into parallel realities at least twice. It is not recognised as a symptom of schizophrenia. I believe it happened for real, but alternatively it was a delirium. It was not like any kind of hallucination, but it surrounded me completely and I perceived it with all my senses. The laws of physics were different. It was more like a dream than a hallucination, but I wasn’t sleeping; I was awake both when entering and when coming out of it, which was a seamless, gradual transition.


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I’ve had times I thought I could astral travel. Still do sometimes. Then I tell myself it’s not possible. Who knows!


Mine is different.

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I suspect
I may
Be caught
In another
I remember a different world
I just remember
The world before the internet
(Built on deamons)
I think there are
Different layers
To reality
This world I’m in
Is not my world
I’m just stuck here


I have seen the unreality of our world.
Like a veil raised high and seeing the
fake stage of life.
I have experienced many dimensions


Yes I thought I was in the after life dimension.

Another time I was in hell.

Another time the world felt strange like the colours had changed

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I believed I could travel between all sorts of parallel dimensions and whisper to my alternative self like the voices do to me

yes, i have, really. it drove me nuts haha, but no, really, i have.

Can anyone here define dimension? I don’t think you understand what dimensions are


I was in another dimension when I travelled from my home in England to London, then got the train to Paris

The network was being used by terrorists, and I thought I was tracking them down to find Bin Laden

When I realised it was a trap, I quickly checked in the Ibis hotel, which I thought was code for Abyss

If they had not had a cable lock on the window I’d be dead.

I panicked and had 3% battery left on my phone, and got my mother to come and get me

It was scary and so very real to me.

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I don’t think humans can physically go to a different dimension. We are on a different plane. Through enlightenment you can live on different dimensions of consciousness. I guess.

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i think it’s more of an experience than mathematical/physics sorta thing

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Did you get better from that.?

I had a delusion that every second we die somehow but our lives carry on seamlessly in a new dimension where we didnt die and so on. Once i was locked in the hospital thinking they were harvesting my brain because cannibals and i continued to live on in new dimensions where i was still locked in there and having brain harvested

You do a good job of describing this. I have had an identical experience in terms of how you described it. It started off with one of the entities/voices saying “panorama” I had my eyes closed when this occurred and was trying to fall asleep, but internally the walls changed (as if I was still awake with my eyes closed) in my room, and started to move as if I was in some sort of moving vessel. This was just the beginning of this experience through this dimension/reality. It was not a dream and I knew I wasn’t awake in my body, but in my etheric body or something similar in a parallel dimension similar to the one my physical body was in.

I apologize for the convoluted wording. It is incredibly difficult to describe many of the experiences I go through with these entities/voices. It is nice to know I am not alone in experiencing this type of phenomenon.

I wish you all the best with your life endeavors and hope you are in good health :rosette:

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I sometimes wonder if I have not gotten lost in a different dimension than the one I was born in. The only evidence I have is the subjective evidence of my senses, but the subjective evidence is mighty strong.

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Better, worse, better worse. Went round in circles many times before things got better