Do you do meditation, and do you find it helpful

I do meditation for an half an hour at night before i take my med, i don’t know if its helping me any, i know meditation helps regrow new brain cells along with healthy foods. I also read that its dangerous for schizos, it can cause psychosis, but i do it anyways. I think the med will prevent me going into psychosis. I eat plenty of veggies and meditation, that two combination gives me lot of energy in the morning without need for coffee.

If any of you do meditation tell us how you benefit from it.

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I don’t know if I meditate but there is a space in my head that is calm and tranquil.

It’s a cliff covered in blackberry vines like a vineyard, it over looks a tranquil azure blue sea. It’s always sunrise there and the berries are always ripe and covered with light morning dew. The sea is calm and the breeze is gentle as it whispers across field.

I hang out there sometimes and enjoy the serenity. As far as mediation being dangerous… when I was a younger man and my head was really messed up, meditation was a very bad thing to do. I was too deep in the head circus. But now that I’m stable and in a better head space…. Maybe it will work.

When I have the attention span and volition to do it, I meditate. It does help me relax, and calm the mind and when able to observe my thoughts objectively without becoming caught up in them, it can provide some valuable insights as to my own motivations and helping to identify emotions that i can’t immediately make heads or tails of.

That said, I suppose meditation could be considered “dangerous” if one goes beyond a comfortable place like J describes (which sounds really beautiful by the way) and then gets caught up in the mental imagery for instance: One of my voices actually first spoke to me during a meditative vision. I am not exactly sure at this time whether or not the chicken or the egg came first, though. I will say that it’s one of the friendly voices, however i think that it -could- present a danger to one who is experiencing delusion. This is all based on my own experience though, so your milage may vary.

Also my comfortable place is a grassy field by a lake i used to fish for crappie at. It’s always late summer and the tall grass is brown, sunset is aproaching casting a golden glow, and there’s a donkey in the distance braying.

I guess to put it my belief on it shortly: I think meditation can be an extremely valuable tool when used properly, but could present some difficulties for us if handled improperly.

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I remember I used to meditate a lot since I can remember, it helps with the paranoia, reducing hallucinations, and even with delusions. And I think it’s the reason I was able to remove all of sz symptoms in the past, and having the relapse because I stopped meditating, I’m meditating these days and it’s working so well, almost like magic.

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That sounds like a very nice space too. Is this from a child hood? Mine is a mix of a childhood game and wish to travel.

Yes it’s a lake outside my old hometown, i used to go down there and fish every time my mom visited friends who lived close by. and then later in my twenties i would go there after work in the summer from time to time. And yes, there was a donkey. :slight_smile: I never knew his name though.


peace has come upon me, ive changed my lifestyle and im optimistic about the future

That’s good to hear, may peace be with you more than it leaves you.

I don’t meditate but I am mindful. My brother is a yogi.

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yeah i meditate, but not in the traditional sense but it works and i have been to some beautiful and amazing places because of it…in my mind that is !
on another positive note i never wear out my shoes because i just levitate across the room…joking
( but that would be cool ! )
take care


I love meditation. I focus on my chakras clearing them out with white light like dental floss and bring energy up through the earth and down from the ethereal. I like to clear my head and fill it with positivity. I like to picture myself in a forest filled with life and a creek running through it when I get upset

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wow, that sounds pretty cool.
take care

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I had my first psychotic episode after been trying all kinds of meditation techniques, from the most promissing to the traditional. And it took me to a diagnosis of SZA. Now I don’t wan’t to have nothing to do with the meditation people teach. It’s like a praying or being told how to behave in the world by the Bible. No one knows. And no one admits that. Everyone is full of certainties and that doesn’t help to the confusion in ourselves and in the world, it only adds up. This, for me applies also to the psychotherapists. Everybody knows but it doesn’t seem to get no one anywhere.

So, if someday I shall find what meditation is, I’ll find it my way. First live orderly, which is quite difficult, with these kind of illnesses and pathologies and if possible discover what is true meditation if it occurs.

I’m not shunning you, just wanted to share.

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I have tried formal meditation - read books on it, applied it, and I had a difficult time with it.
I could not focus enough, my mind is just too busy.
How I relax is by looking out my window, and take notice of the sky, birds, squirrels, trees etc…
This is my meditation, I guess it is part of Mindfulness - If I had to put a label on it


It’s more peaceful and rewarding to look and the birds, the trees and the sky than to use thought as a means to control thought or to be free from thought. It doesn’t make too much sense.


I am too impatient to meditate. I get antsy and want to do things.


I wasn’t meditating then, but I am now. March 12 will be a year of it. Beginning to see the flow of things. Now I rarely get stuck. Each session is different. So much to process. I do it alone and in a group.

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@martinhersey Sounds like you have self discipline. Have you seen the film Kill Bill with the Hip Uma Thurman? One part in this film to share, Uma wills her toes to move after years of coma and lack of movement. I’d say that is one form of pay off for meditation.

I meditate and communicate with my God every day. keeps me calmer.