Medication is good for you, honest!

My first three years after my first psychotic episode I was unmedicated while studying at university, it was a time of general psychotic unrest and thinking back on it I was a mess, after those three years I moved back to my hometown became psychotic repeatedly. At university the local medical facility that was supposed to help me thought I was feigning symptoms (I found this out as one member of staff told me).

They did however prescribe quetiapine at 200mg for sleep issues. My initial psychosis was treated with amisulpride and sodium valproate which made me dumb as hell so I stopped it as soon as I could. Back in my hometown risperidone was tried and failed then I got quetiapine, but quetiapine didn’t work so well on its own, I was on doses of up to 450mg quetiapine but that didn’t work, aripiprazole had been tried to no avail and eventually after another three years I got 400mg Zuclopenthixol injection in conjunction with 150mg quetiapine, I had been tried on 600mg Zuclopenthixol only but found the side effects harsh, I managed to get on two antipsychotics, Zuclopenthixol and quetiapine which is almost a silver bullet to my schizophrenia.

I still have issues but am 99% better than without, I take procyclidine also for side effects but overall it’s a godsend, I am back to mental health. I think it’s unusual to have two antipsychotics but my psych seemed to want to do something I would stick to and each one addresses separate issues, either alone is not enough. I think the worst part about medication is accepting you need it, the second bit is finding the right medication which for me took three years.

The Zuclopenthixol works more on the psychotic thoughts while the quetiapine works on extreme anxiety. I get the clopixol depot injection and the seroquel tablets. It’s really freeing to be in the state I am now, apart from oversleeping alot I function very well, now and again I take modafinil and stay awake for two days in a row and as long as I take my other meds I have not a hint of psychosis. If you feel the meds are poisoning you it’s just the psychosis talking, it doesn’t want to loose it’s hold on you, it knows the meds mean it can’t manipulate you anymore, as the psychosis does it gets to get you to be non compliant, it’s almost as if the psychosis has a life of its own, some might say it’s demonic.

Antipsychotics sober up the mind and put it back into everyday reality, you may think it’s better to under psychotic thinking but it wears you out in the end and you can’t use your own mind, instead medication make people stable, alot of initial side effects are just the psychosis trying to convince you that someone is trying to kill or poison you, I bet a psychotic would reject placebos as side effect ridden if told they were an actual medication, I have always had massive side effects when coming down from a psychotic episode, haloperidol as needed would send my mind spinning but later it wouldn’t be noticeable that I had took it. I believe it is definitely a sign of psychosis to reject medication but you should report any side effects, I found 450mg of quetiapine to be way too much, 600mg Zuclopenthixol to be too much but a lower dose of both to be a sweet spot.

I can even drink coffee and be relatively ok, even take modafinil and stay awake two days, the last thing is to avoid internet material or otherwise that makes the mind think psychotically such as material on aliens, conspiracies, magick and whatever else may make a person fall into a false reality setup by reading such material. I think to be as mundane as possible and take your meds is the only way to improve, you have to leave behind anything that sends you off into a fantasy world where psychosis can take a grip.

I occasionally think “what if I could get off my meds”, then I think of the psych ward and all the stupid stuff I’ve believed and what I’ve acted out and think better of it, why ruin a good thing, I hate the psych ward and never want to go back, If there is something that makes psychosis worse it’s being carted off by the men in white and being surround by psychotics and other mentally ill people and having you freedom taken away.

Overall I’d like to say, find the right meds for you and don’t look back, meds are nothing compared to the ■■■■ that can happen when you are psychotic, and psych wards are like mild eternal punishment, with others trying to influence you and temperamental staff, to be honest some staff members can be worse than the patients for you as I have found out, although truly nasty ones don’t stay in one place for too long, something about the lunatics running the asylum comes to mind.

Avoid the psych ward and take your meds, be patient to see the meds benefit you and ignore that voice that thinks it knows better, it’s never helped you in the past, why trust it now.


I agree. 151515151515

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Nice post.

Meds saved me too.

I always wonder if the people who aren’t on meds here actually have schizophrenia.

If meds work, why not take them right?


No it’s not suspect at all you paranoid.

Besides it’s a good post

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Paranoid… really? :joy:

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Are you being paranoid? I shouldn’t really say this but your suspicion is a symptom. Nothing suspect I’m telling people my experience.

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Okay… :thinking:

Maybe it’s time to start those meds again lol

Possibly you don’t have severe symptoms

Suspect of what exactly

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@Qwerty1 don’t flag posts because you disagree with something when the message is obviously not against the rules. The OP did not attack you. For the vast majority of people with sz, meds are good and required for meaningful recovery. And it is not correct to say there are better options. Encouraging people not to take their meds is against the rules here. Be careful about what you say.


I’m sure it’s possible to live without medication, I managed for a long time albeit I was not exactly sane but within the bounds of having mostly acceptable behaviour. If you feel you are ok without meds then that’s your experience and belief, I’m not trying to force feed you drugs but non compliance is a massive barrier to getting well.


Great post! I believe medication should be at the cornerstone of recovery because without it there wouldn’t be any stability. It took me a good while to come to terms with the fact that I am Schizophrenic. In the beginning I had no sense of what was going on that is how unstable I was. I was on some medication that I don’t even remember what it was because all I remember was that I gained almost 30lbs, was baker acted 3 times by my family and I was sleeping 16 hours a day. I eventually started going to the gym to try to lose the weight to no avail.

Eventually I got a job and just went off the medications cold turkey thinking that I don’t need them anymore or that it was something temporary. I eventually slimmed down and was functioning 100%. I was stable for almost a year until eventually the illness to a hold me and I very slowly entered psychosis again. I was in this state for almost a year until I got baker acted again and started a new medication.

It took almost 2 - 3 months for me to come back down to reality and thats when the constant chatter in my brain started. I was stable but my mind was extremely unstable. I was managing the symptoms but it was very tough. After a little bit more time the medication took care of all the positive symptoms and I wasn’t delusional, not talking to myself, voices were virtually non existent, my hygiene was maintained, the racing thoughts eventually started to go away, paranoia was slightly there, I had insight into my illness and could discern the truth from fiction and was very firmly grounded in reality.

It’s taken almost 10 months and I am on 2 medications - Invega Sustenna 234mg monthly injection and Wellbutrin 100mg for depression and I have been having more better days than bad days. But it was very tough because my brain essentially turned against me and I had many thoughts regarding the medication or how these might be the side effects, maybe the medication is causing the negative symptoms etc.

Your mind will try to come up with many justifications and try to rationalize as to why things are happening or why you are feeling the way you are but time has a way of straightening things out. The process takes time which is the tough part because you don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and you will feel as if this will never end.

I can imagine how tough it was for schizophrenics to exist in ancient societies where there was a lot of superstition and people would condemn them as witches, sorcerers or even being possessed by spirits or the devil himself. A lot of the times they would either end up being burned at the stake, locked up in dungeons or end up getting killed.

It’s a scary illness but we live in a great time where society especially medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds and new discoveries are being made almost everyday. Yea our lives won’t be the same but I urge everyone to never give up the fight. I know it’s tough but take action and do the best you can to not only maintain stability but to live somewhat of a fulfilling life. Don’t let the illness hold you back from anything because recovery happens very slowly but it’s possible with the right medications.

Keep it up!


Works well for me.

Symptomatic since 14 or so. Diagnosed manic depressive 23. Left prozac to smoke weed for years. Diagnosed schizophrenic 29 with a psychotic episode.

Medication for psychosis great. Took a bit. Medication for depression took a or work and heartache but got there.

Yes. I love not thinking too much. I like how I don’t get paranoid and obsess about things. I like how I don’t fall in love with strangers without any interaction. I love how I can live a semi normal life without the stress of things most people don’t even consider!

So yes!

When you say fall in love with strangers can you elaborate? For some strange reason I think I can relate …

look up erotomania. I used to think I was in love with people I hardly new. Probably didn’t even say hello but in my mind at the time I was in these fantasy relationships. You always have different excuses for it but it’s all fantasy from an ill mind.

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Quasall. 15551515 pigeons are becoming less scared to come near you while you’re eating. They know how to hustle.

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Pigeon hustling.

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Yeah… that’s def me…I’m getting turned on already… just the thought … no need to look it up… I swear… thanks for giving me an actual word to relate to it…

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I think it’s important to find the right medicines that work for your symptoms with the least side effects. I also found out giving up alcohol helped me and changing some activities and attitude/coping skills. all these things can be helpful for to me.