Schizophrenics need their meds...stop fighting it

When a person is sick he goes to the doctor and the doctor gives them the proper meds they need to not be sick…same way with schizophrenia…if you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia you need your meds…not supplements and not herbs…those are a no no.


Nope. There are the ones who don’t need medicines.


How long have you been off meds? I made it to 2 years then crashed and burned.

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I have never been off my meds.

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I am finding supplements can be beneficial in conjunction with AP meds. I take Olanzapine and Sarcosine.

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You’re smarter than me then! Lol.

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I take a probiotic alongside my (AP) med for my GERD (which is also being managed with meds).

Honestly I don’t know how those of us diagnosed with SZ or SZA manage to function without meds?
We’re they misdiagnosed?

I can’t go without meds for more than 3 weeks before losing my mind completely!

I just don’t get it!


Personally I believe people that don’t need AP’s don’t have the true diagnosis of schizophrenia. thanks @Wave


It’s true some people get off APs and do ok but for most it’s a countdown to when the next relapse occurs or if not relapse requiring hospitalisation a marked deterioration.

I went off APs for 16 years between 1982-1998. Generally lithium is not seen as effective for schizophrenia(my diagnosis at the point I started it) but for a subsection of patients it may be beneficial. The early 80s I have found was a period when they were looking into lithium as a help for some people with the diagnosis.

I came off mood stabilisers in 2005 and have been on atypicals since then . I often question whether I need them as part of the regular “Am I genuinely ill?” debate that goes on in my head but have never purposely gone off them(missing doses through forgetfulness is another matter!).

I try to reality check ie do they dish out APs like smarties ? -no,despite what the antipsychiatry mob say. They think carefully before prescribing them. Have I been better on regular APs via depot? It’s hard for me to say but I was told a few years ago I was doing better. Should I go by my uncertainty or the view of a third party AKA a psychiatrist? As the letter to support my move here said "“And he has in the past suffered from some delusional thoughts which are now managed by medication”. The only breakthrough possibly delusional stuff I get is imagining a presence/worrying there are people in the flat. That comes in spells.

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I went off the haldol injection and for over five weeks I was really ill. I tried to do normal activities but I failed.


I Agree we need our meds, but for the most part they don’t help much. And I think the relapses that occur off meds were as likely to occur if the people stayed on them. The problem is the pharmaceutical companies that make these drugs for want to cure people they want life log customers.


if I wasn’t on meds, I’d be skinny, my dick would work properly, i’d be energetic, and lost in my own fantasy. it’s tempting to quit taking meds. maybe I’m misdiagnosed


I personally don’t take meds. And I personally hate how people don’t believe my diagnosis.

Some people go into remission. Most sz/sza are on meds and do need meds. But some do manage without, the famous example being John nash. And as I said some go into remission and are able to go off meds.

That being said nothing wrong with taking meds. And you’re a damn fool if you try to tweak your own doses. And if you quit cold turkey you are quite simply an idiot. Always consult with a doctor before decreasing or increasing your dose.

Also supplements do have a place in people’s methods for treating this condition and there are plenty of studies that help back some supplements up. Taking them with meds can be very beneficial.

Keeping yourself healthy is more than just an AP. You have to take care of yourself. If that means a supplement that helps with anxiety? good! If it’s a vitamin of some kind that helps with mood? good! Using stim toys to help ground you? good! There is no problem as long as it helps a person live a more normal more comfortable or more fulfilling life.

Truly people should be allowed to use everything at their disposal (as long as it’s not harmful) to help them through this without other people shitting on them. Whether it be coping mechanisms, supplements, Meds, etc.

I’m just very tired of this gatekeeping mindset. Like really none of us have the right to tell somebody if they’re sz or not. None of us are trained to diagnose and even if we were trying to diagnose people we don’t even know would be stupid.

I mean if you don’t want to believe somebody that’s on you but we really shouldn’t invalidate other people’s experiences. Some people come here just looking for answers. It’s ok for people to try and find answers and solutions to their problems.

So just to cap this i do not condone anyone going off their meds. not everybody can survive without their meds but that’s ok. you need them that’s ok! you have to do what’s best for your health!

But don’t discredit those who don’t do meds. We exist and we struggle with this illness just like everyone else.


What they have might not be schizophrenia, maybe atypical psychosis which is acute and can be cured completely.

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I make a point of staying on APs that are aimed to treat schizophrenia but try not to take other meds e.g. anti depressants, mood stabilizers, etc. Those are beside the point.

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thank god for our aps. also, i believe that it is important to follow the advise of your therapist, or pdoc in addition to meds.

Often, they can help a great deal.


It is already bad that you have that disease. Then you also have to take medication for the rest of your life. It’s just not fair. The suffering is sometimes heavy. But you will not get out of it. Make it the best I think.

Long-term side effects on heart rhythm are scary. I could kick anytime. My old shrink withheld some big pieces of info I would’ve preferred to know. But on the other hand, psychosis is frightening until I realize that the experience is false, in which case I can shrug delusions off most of the time. Sometimes, taking a med makes little difference. “Every day is a winding road” with meds.

Preach @jukebox. Wiser words have never been spoken.