Medical Studies

Who else has ever been in a medical study for your SZ or SZA? I’m going to be in one tomorrow and I’m a little nervous and excited. Just curious if anyone else has ever done a venture like this??

I’ve been to a study where we had group meetings and talked about various subjects, with a psychologist and a presenter. They paid 10$ per session and gave us bus tickets. I stopped going after a while because it was really cold and far, but maybe it was because I consumed too much drugs and had to give up or feel out of stance.

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My study is going to be a series of brain scans and then some blood work for genetic testing, it’s only 2 days. It pays about $500 bucks, they also paid for my flight, food and lodging.


I got the results from a neuropsychological test a research group made today. I took a test right after my psychosis. And then one again now, one year later. Still impaired memory skills and concentration. But some improvement in other areas. They paid me about 10$. Unfortunately there´s no cognitive training program, I would have liked to participate.

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Wow, that sounds like a good opportunity, did your pdoc refer you to it or did you search for studies through the web?

I told you good things might arise if you took your meds. Congrats, hope you can make science make a stride forward!

I found it myself through web MD, it’s through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIHM) they also have a 3 month and 6 month study available that they are currently taking people for. I’m not in either of those but if you guys are interested look into it phone number is 1(301) 435-8970


Thanks for the info Viv, really appreciated. Good luck on your appointments!

Do they have cognitive training programs as well? Do you know about other places or research groups that offers that in the US?

I’m not sure sorry Sanna

I was in some studies over a period of two or three years. Each study lasted about three hours. I did a total of about 8 or 9 of them. I got paid anywhere from $60.00 to $100.00 each time. The tests involved electrodes hooked up to my head and being put in a soundproof booth and they had me respond to various images on a screen. it was easy and they treated me to lunch. Once they gave me an MRI.


The people doing the testing were mostly Stanford students and they were really nice. It was actually a little bit fun.

Oh my gosh what a full day I had with the studies today, started off with paperwork, then blood work, drug testing, neuropsychological testing, more paperwork, 9 MRI’s with testing in between, a biopsy on my arm, more paperwork, an in depth evaluation (where they absolutely confirmed my Schizoaffective Disorder), an interview, last bit of paperwork and done for day one…now I’m just chilling and unwinding in my room, day two tomorrow, supposedly it’s not supposed to be as hard, either way I’m looking forward to it, and im looking forward to less paperwork, I hate paperwork lmao! But they did tell me that most patients score in the 30% range and my tests have been at the 60%-87% ranges, so they are already offering me to do more studies with them. I’m glad to say they are actually impressed with me as a person. I’ll consider thier studies later, I’m still just trying to get through this one hahahaha. I’ve given it my all and its paying off…

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Cool !! If you’re having fun with it it’s even better. Believe in yourself, God has given us a spirit of love and power, it belongs to all of us… (lol that’s just lyrics from a song). You have potential, take baby steps, life is bound to get better for each one of us!!

I’m thinking about doing my own testing.

Not so much mental theory pertaining to non invasive on the… Well theoretical level.