Meal prepping

I think I’m going to start prepare my meals for the next day so I don’t have to use so much time on making food for every meal. Food for me is something I often feel I just need to ‘get out of the way’, so I can do other stuff. I mean I would maybe use the same amount of time in total, but I think maybe it would feel better doing it in one ‘session’. Have anybody done it/are doing it?


I think @ZmaGal does this.

I don’t.


I kind of do.
I will prepare veggies and sometimes beans to be used later on in the week.

This is so I don’t have to fuss with them later on.


I plan out my food a day in advanced. It’s so that I stay within my calories. It’s not hard to do.


What meals do you make?

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I eat almost the same every day. Oatmeal for lunch, for dinner I have some legumes with vegetables, then in the evening I have some bread with avocado usually. I eat mostly vegan

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