Me and my social anxiety thing or paranoia?

I have one friend who is also ill… I am obsessed by the madness I think. I cant really feel compassion, I am just in my thoughts and fears that ill remain sick me too… I also have the fear that she uses me cause a lots of people think that for her and my relation with her… but I get obsessed with this also… I spent the new year yesterday with her and my mom… my mom almost destroyed her cause my friend is kinda of shameless… my momsays that she has an evil look, it scares me also(is this a paranoia). so the result of all this is that I felt anxious with all this evil thing etc, I was missing my breath yesterday among their company, I had vertigo and I was really anxious… I still don’t wanna to increase my ap, it never didn’t help me, so pls don’t try to convince me about it :/… I took a half of rivotril and it helped me more… so what is this, some kind of paranoia, anxiety? can I get over this by myself, with the tecnic of learning to be kind to myself etc?
happy new year for all of you, I wish you love and more health :wink: :slight_smile:

I’m no expert but that’s not a social anxiety thing. Social anxiety is an extreme form of shyness.

yes, ihave diagnosed paranoia so its okay. the problem is that aps never helped me on my paranoia. in fact, I am afraid to enter in conflicts with others. I never tell them something with which they can get angry. but I am fed up of this… I should learn and build a character of mine…
so you had paranoia close to mine? can we learn to avoid it by ourselves without meds?