Maybe the couse of our mentall illness is our digestion

I notice there are certain foods that i eat and i don’t feel well, my symptoms get worse. If food makes difference than maybe i don’t digest food properly, when my family eat the same food even though they don’t suffer from mental illness but still they don’t notice anything strange.

Ask your psychiatrist about what kinds of foods you should avoid eating. There is actually some factual evidence that some foods affect mental health.

I understand more than my psychiatrist. I have trusted her once, she ruined my life by dosing me unnecessary high amount of meds.

While she makes some interesting points,if you notice, that article is from 2007. If she had really discovered a major medical breakthrough on what causes schizophrenia it seems to me that it would have garnered more press and been pursued by other researchers and we would have heard more about it over the years.

Two friends of mine are super health conscious. They’ve given me several studies that show how gluten (a product of wheat) affects schizophrenia. I’ve read about the topic pretty extensively.

So I decided to go gluten-free in my diet. And it’s actually helped some with paranoia and hallucinations. I can definitely tell a difference. But I’m not sure if it’s the actual lack of gluten or just a placebo effect. So I can’t really recommend it to anyone.

But it’s at least worth reading up on.



I am interested in this topic and I have read some compelling articles.

I found good results using Google Scholar. For example, enter a search such as “schizophrenia” with an author’s surname, or “diet”, “wheat”, “dairy”, etc. There are relevant studies by FC Dohan, MM Singh and L Cordain. Some authors have a Wikipedia page too.

I have cut down gluten recently too and feel much better. My psychiatrist mentioned to me recently that there may a connection between mental illness and gut bacteria. My symptoms have improved since I lost weight which is also supposed to influence the micro biome.

My psychiatrist told me not to eat carbohydrates at night for some reason.