Have you tried different methods to reduce your symptoms

After each meal my symptoms exacerbates for few hours and than reduces quit a bit, but when i eat vegetables especially raw i don’t get worsening of my symptoms, i have also read about cerebral allergies (brain allergy) that my sz. May be effected from that. The only way of finding out is to go completely raw, which i don’t know if i can do it.

I can believe that. Processed sugar is something I love too much, and like a true allergy, I can’t leave it alone.

Processed sugar and white bread will make me feel funny. I feel floaty and get really confused easily and it’s hard to concentrate or keep a sentence in my head. But I’m OK with chocolate.

I know I couldn’t go completely raw food, I love a mug of hot soup too much.

I’m good with a hot bath, but a stuffy hot room will also make it hard for me to function. I get disoriented very quickly in a hot stuffy room. My comprehension will drop the hotter it gets.

Five months ago, I went on a gluten-free diet, after reading TONS of research about how gluten affects schizophrenia.

I can honestly say that I feel a large reduction in my paranoia, which is usually very powerful.

For a few weeks, I went off the gluten-free diet, and I immediately saw an increase in my symptoms. So, for me, gluten-free is the way to go.



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This is very cool. Thank you for this hint.

I will have to look up some of the articles. I figured it was the sugars in processed food, I didn’t think it was the gluten.

I’m good with rice noodles, but not wheat flour noodles. The kid sis used a lot of rice flour when she bakes just because she says it taste lighter and she likes how forgiving it seems to be. I’m Ok with her cooking.

Thanks again for this piece of the puzzle.

From Psychology Today:

“The bottom line? Schizophrenia is a progressive and destructive psychotic mental illness that, at the moment, can sometimes be managed with medications and community therapeutic support, but does not have a cure. It seems that a certain subset of schizophrenics have an unusual immune response to gluten and other various wheat proteins, and in a small number, going wheat-free has been extremely helpful. A gluten-free diet is safe and doesn’t have side effects - I don’t see a good argument against giving it a try for anyone with schizophrenia who is willing to give it a go, at least for three months. The worst thing that happens is you find you are not one of the gluten-sensitive schizophrenics, and you’ve gone without bread and pasta for a little while. The best thing that happens is that your symptoms get better, possibly quite a lot better.”


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I have noticed that before the psychotic episode happens I crave for some kind of food, and I end up eating it, then it happens 30 minutes after…so I’ll try this time to stop eating what I crave for so maybe it will stop it or reduce it’s strength…
on a different level of methods that prevent the symptoms I have ways that I usually do so I don’t see, hear or get paranoid…Before my relapse it worked like magic and I felt totally normal for years…I used to create an auditory distraction like opening the TV and the music on shuffle or something like that especially when I go to sleep because sometimes voices would stop me from sleeping…then I sleep with the light on and it helps to reduce the visual hallucinations about 90 or 100 percent (they get worse in the dark)…and I close my room’s door so I feel safer and isolated like feeling…if I got paranoid I open the window; I feel better…with those ways I felt so normal and lived normal for years, I got only 2 or 4 seconds of paranoia only once each year…Now I can’t do that in my new home, I used to get away from everything that makes me feel uncomfortable, now I simply can’t do that…

inner peace is my method of having no symptoms, i have forgiving myself for past mistakes.

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