Applying for Re-enrollment to School

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I have previously taken a medical leave of absence from university due to an intense psychotic episode. After a long period of turmoil and uncertainty, I have been fortunate enough to get access to medication, therapy, and a program that has helped in my recovery. I am finally ready to go back to school. In order to be readmitted, I must write an explanation as to the circumstances that led to my withdrawal from school. They ask that I include specific and concise information. I am struggling to write this and am having a hard time describing what I have been through. This is mainly due to the fact that I will be disclosing my illness to an administrative board of strangers. I am unsure of how to approach this task. I don’t know how much detail about psychosis I should include.

What is an appropriate amount of information to give? Should I be worried about making others uncomfortable? If you were writing this how would you approach it? How do you describe your Sx symptoms to others and the impact it has on your functioning? Any and all advice or help that you can give is very much appreciated. Thank you

It depends on what you’re going to school for. Some professions are more accepting of mental illness than others. If you’re majoring in a field with a lot of negative stigma, it might be smart to avoid mentioning the word psychosis, and just say “personal health struggles.” The school can’t legally ask for your personal medical information, including your diagnosis.


Just talk about general health struggles and functioning losses.


Schools will not discriminate against mental health and if you explain yourself clearly, I think you would be more likely to be let back in. I would give a scientific and unbiased account of exactly what you went through and why it took you so long to get back to baseline. I got an F in a class due to sz and got out of it due to my legitimate record of illness. Most schools are even affirmative action. I got a psychotic episode in medical school and they were still willing to let me back in after medical leave. I wasn’t able to attend by that point though.

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I’m going to school for architecture- I’m not really certain that the stigma is any worse than normal.

I am not aware of any rules about practicing architecture with a mental illness. Nurses and lawyers have to specifically answer questions about their mental health before receiving their licenses. Do you have to take any big federal or state exam before you can work?

You need a license by the National Architecture Accreditation Board to practice

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There aren’t any specifications regarding mental health before being certified

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Okay. If there aren’t any specific requirements, I would say it’s up to your own comfort level how much you want to disclose. You could just talk about deteriorating health, how it made it difficult to keep up with school work, and how you are now recovered and have the support of your doctor to return to school.

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