Man shot and killed outside of my house last night, lots of anxiety now

Hey guys and gals, just found the link to the new forums. So a man was shot and killed last night about 2 stop signs from my house on my street. This has brought on some serious paranoia and anxiety today. As some of you know I struggle greatly with fears that people from my past want to kill me because of being involved with drugs and shady people. Having something like this happen so close to my “safe” place has really screwed my head up today and I don’t really know how to deal with this. I have been taking my medication fairly regularly again but it isn’t helping… What do you guys/gals do when something overwhelming like this happens? How do you calm down? What can I do I’m afraid this is going to be either a sleepless night or worse, one filled with the ever increasing nightmares…

no one is going to get you it is just paranoia , you are safe.
try and think logically about the situation, write the points down on a piece of paper so you can clearly see them.
you are safe but lock your doors properly so when you wake up during the night you know that you are safe.
camomile tea or hot milk drink can help relax you
play soft music, hope this helps
take care.

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Yeah, it’s not a serial killer (is it?). The murder was probably a single incident, right? Chances are whoever did the shooting is either in police custody or fled the scene. But a LITTLE paranoia is normal sometimes. But I doubt that someone will kill someone and then stick around the neighborhood. Not impossible, but not probable. He doesn’t want to get caught. MAYBE you can call the local police station and see if they can tell you if the guy was caught.Tell them you live nearby and ask if there is anything you should worry about. I mean it could have been domestic violence, or a botched robbery, or something else that is a one time incident. Call the police and just get some information. It might quell your fears and reassure you.

Ty everyone who replied. I don’t really know what to do with the feelings and overpowering thoughts I have during these episodes now. Seems to go away for a day or two at most now, then right back to extreme paranoia. I have been battling this paranoia for about 2 years in the extreme sense now. I am pretty much looking over my shoulder everywhere I go, questioning in my mind everyone I meet (like trying to see if they could be a threat) I can barely go grocery shopping without having a complete episode…An example of how bad it gets sometimes is I end up being so paranoid that I sometimes think people are going to come through my bedroom door, so I have went and checked myself into the hospital a few times. They usually just keep me for like a week, make sure im stable on my meds, then let me go. Its terrible, I have been so bad that I didnt trust the doctors even, thought that “the people I wronged” had people on the inside working in the hospital or payed people so they could get to me or told them bad stories about me so they would be ok with me dying… I am sure this sounds crazy but I truly believe these things when I get like this is this normal? does anyone else deal with things like this? My belief that people are trying to kill me is founded on the fact that I did something stupid regarding a drug deal a couple years ago…

There are shootings pretty regularly in my town. But not very close to my home. I think that they are gang members killing each other. I’m not a gang member and should be pretty safe.

When I had my bad episode 3 years ago I thought I had Hell’s Angels following me to kill me. Why would they? They have no reason to do so. My dad knows some HA members. Maybe that made me have the delusion.

Try using logic to conquer your fear. Ask yourself why would you be in danger.

what you are feeling is normal and part of the rich tapestry of sz…ville…
i used to be really paranoid and go to a restaurant and have to go back home thinking some one was breaking into the house and the conspiracy death thing yep i had that at different stages of this beautiful illness…aaaaaaah… the good old days , sorry you are going through it but in my experience it does ease.
take care.

Please! please!! please!!!. Stop there. The truth i have for you is that nothing will happen to you. No body is after you. Why have they not get at you since all these while? If really they are still after you, it doesnt take them a day to do whatever they want to do to you. I have felt that way severally. Just exactly the way you feel and think. It is really frightening. it is really overwhelming. Like you, some times i feel like giving up. But that is hallucination and delusion. Sense of guilt. the best confirmation is to confide in some one around tell him about your feelings. If can muster courage, go to any one you suspect to be working for them, and tell him about your feelings, you will find out there is no threats or plots against you. About the person killed near your house, that incident has nothing to do with you. If you were the target, then they wont have killed someone else because they know you will be aware of it and might escape. If they aimed at you, they would have came to you directly.
I have been feeling the way you feel since over 11 years. It has not been easy. This illness made me drop out of college. it did not stop there, i had to leave my country as a result of this. Yet, once in a while i feel like life is not worth it. I have a long story but i have to stop here. But keep your head high. Go about your business without any fear. Believe me nothing will happen to you. I am 100% sure. Good luck.