All paranoid and freaked out now

About half an hour ago someone knocked on my door. I went to look through the peephole, but it was all black, the person was blocking it. I went back to my desk, hoping the person would go away, but then they started pounding on my door, telling me to open it. I didn’t open it, talked to the guy through the door. He was threatening to kick the door in and kick my skull in, because he thinks I called the cops on his friend. I explained to him that I didn’t, that I’m not one to call the cops. He went away, still all pissed off. This sh*t has me all paranoid now, hoping he doesn’t come back, and that he doesn’t do anything to my vehicle that’s parked out back. Before anyone suggests calling the cops, let me just say that is not an option. For one, I didn’t see the guy, but also that is not to be done in this neighborhood. I guess I just needed to vent about this.

I refuse to have a firearm in my house, due to my strong history of suicidal ideation, but maybe a stun gun is in order. They’re not too expensive. I already have a tire iron in my bedroom, put it there when my ex was living with me when I was working midnights, so she would have a weapon, but I think I’ll have a knife on the night stand tonight, too. This is garbage. :rage:

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That’s scarey. I think it’s normal (and appropriate) for something like that to cause anxiety. Do you have any idea who the guy was?

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Not a clue, this came out of nowhere.


I sleep with a knife. Like most people who know Krav Maga, I carry a knife on my hip at all times.

I would invest in a really good switchblade, mine is like a hybrid combat knife and also a switchblade- it is just a massive and serrated scary looking switchblade. Where I live, it is normal to have three guns.

When people hear a switchblade, they might mistake it for a pistol.

Here is how I sleep

One of those things is a knife. I would have a gun, I sure as hell know how to use them, but I can’t afford one.

it’s not an appealing neighborhood, if I can’t call cops. I’d move out, if I could afford hotel or room rent.

That is interesting the only experience I had with that were times I was thinking I was being harassed. Don’t know how much of it was real though. Guess you need to start carrying a weapon with you. I suggest a stun gun I think you can carry them on campus too.

Yeah, right now I’m waiting to hear back about a job I applied to, one that would enable me to move, that really would require to move since it’s a couple hundred miles from here, in a nice small town yet. Either way, I’m under lease until August.

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oh yeah, before anyone suggest: careful, MI can’t legally use guns…

Wasnt’ there a post recently about congress passing new legislation making it legal?

That’s happened to me a couple times where someone hammered on the door in the middle of the night. Scared me half to death to be woken up out of a sound sleep.

The first time, it was some drunk person who had the wrong house. The second time, it was the cops, canvassing the area. Sadly, it was because a neighbor had committed suicide and the cops wanted to know if I’d heard anything.

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I’ve been living here three and a half years, and this is the first time anything like this has happened to me. Sure, I hear gunshots and one time about a year ago someone got shot in my building (she lived despite getting shot in the neck), but yeah, not the safest area.


Yes, I believe there was. I would never own one, though, like I said. I’d probably turn it on myself on a suicidal impulse, even if I’m not suicidal at all at the moment.


also, back in my apartment, I’d always tiptoe to the door. I always slightly open peephole, so that person outside doesn’t know I’m looking. person wouldn’t know I’m home until they hear my voice through door.

I have an older brother who would unexpectedly visits sometimes. he does drugs, they say.

after that incident at the airport, eh?

He knew I was in here, I had music playing. My floor creaks, anyway (hardwood). Peephole did me no good.

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Well, gosh, that would freak me out too. Every now and then, someone bangs on my door because they are at the wrong house or whatever and it always makes me jumpy and anxious. I don’t live in a great neighborhood either, but I don’t think it is as unsafe as yours. I would move as soon as August rolls around whether you get the job or not.

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i understand that in some neighborhoods calling police would be considered worse than just tasering the guy the next time he comes by and not calling the cops.

That’s the problem with high crime neighborhoods, cops are seen as potential threats to everybody, guilty and innocent, and are avoided. In my neighborhood, people would rather jump into a physical fight with weapons in the middle of the street than call the cops if someone threatened to kill them.

Maybe the surveillance camera might ward off some people. I can’t think of anything else. A taser. Maybe a mean looking german shepherd dog to keep as a guard dog.

Nothing at this level you’re talking about, but today a younger female was walking with a friend and they were glaring at me. The angrier looking one said, “I hate that chick, I’m a beat her a**” and I glared back and walked away. Now I have to watch out for that one girl and for whatever group of friends she has behind her. There have been a few murders in the surrounding apartment complexes. I keep to myself mostly but I take long walks to establish my presence in the neighborhood. I’ve been followed by anonymous cars and for a while there was some serial sexual predator running around our neighborhood too, but I was lucky and never ran into the guy (they caught him finally).

I feel you on the whole cop thing, people sometimes don’t realize but being able to call the police is kind of a luxury of wealthier people. Call the police in a bad neighborhood and you’re the target. I once had to report my lost security card, license, car title, etc…and I was like whispering on the phone trying to keep my next door neighbors from guessing that I was talking to a cop. It can be pretty scary not having any recourse.

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