Man is a spiritual being

And only when he lives in the spirit is he truly happy. That’s a Bahai quote. We eat because we have to. The Freudians are talking about dogs.

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When you look at what’s going on in the world, hardly.

I didn’t say that some people don’t behave like dogs.

The world is blasphemy. 70% or more are “Following God” in some way, yet the real driving factors are individualism and capitalism. The rich christians are the most blasphemous of them all.

@chordy I’m a man and I’m not spiritual in the slightest(aside from acknowledging that I’ve been here since I was born and will be here until I die) which still isn’t spiritual as the mental experience is just a byproduct of the physical container.

I don’t like assumption that a person must be spiritual to be fulfilled. There is the potential for various other ways to be fulfilled that have been employed throughout human history.

I could create a counter thread to this titled “Man is just a machine.” I could even elaborate on how that’s obviously the case and discredit those who seek to believe in some greater reality than that.

Ah ■■■■ i’m bored.

What is spirit? Where does the desire to believe in spirit come from? Immortality? Transcendence?

Psychological insulation is what I call it. At best it is purely because it’s entertaining. When people need it to function, I don’t get that. It’s never had any weight for me. I’ve never seen the benefits.

Yeah i dont know anymore. It seems to me at this point that people are mistaking it for consciousness. Or even subconsciousness.
It’s all just more complex than stupid dualism. If we are anything such, it is hybridized and heterogeneous.

I want to be a hybrid between courtesan and cyborg. :angel:

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Not that it actually matters. Body, spirit, same ■■■■, euro nihilism, whatever.

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I see the spirit as more the state of the soul. The soul is the whole 4th dimensional entity. I don’t believe it actually exists (Beyond you being the same brain from birth to death.)

It’s like the self without the experience. The undying. Which would be more of a universal thing as it wouldn’t be tied to wealth or gender or pain felt in life.

I don’t think its an operational part of consciousness at all.

These are just my opinions. I’m not a doctor o_O or a priest.

Frankly its all bs.

Don’t equate spiritual with religious, because I think they can be separate. Anyway, if you’ve had bad experiences with religion, as I have had, too, you would not like the statement I made at all.


Well I didn’t mean to say the two were the same.

Explaining my views here there was basically no mention of religion.

The title certainly irked me. Also I’m just bored though. It’s almost bed time.

is just another word

Its all about that, isn’t it?
Words, words, words, words.

They make a real mess of things. Especially when you try to count on them.

And the ultimate truth: Knowledge is Power.
They gonna confiscate human’s experience, sell it as a bunch of conditions and took your ownership over yourself.

I mean, its like you buy something you already have. Just because it’s wrapped in colorful paper.

None begin spiritual.

One must become that way.

It’s quite boring to a child though so don’t speak it to them.

They already own us. And there is no they. Humanity owns us. Humanity owns itself. No one chose for it to be this way.

I think it’s boring to a hungry child, and if I know growing children at all, I know they can always eat.

There is a hierarchy, you can’t deny it.
Like, humans and less humans.

Yeah thats how fanaticism works.