Man is a spiritual being. Title been used yo

Don’t let them lie.

No we aren’t.

Doesn’t mean we can’t become that way at some point though.

No we aren’t.

Love is spiritual.

Man is not that. None of this is spirit at all.

We’re all just devouring repugnant shits.

Love, it’s the core of the spirit. It doesn’t exist here right now in this most yangiest of times. The most yang it’s ever been right now just like mckenna said in his time wave zero chart, it’s the bottom, something bad is coming now.

Love. The core of the spirit. Man doesn’t have that yet, keyword there yet.

Love and spirit are not interrelated (to me) at all

Love is actually real. Abstract and diverse as it may be. Guess that can be argued as well though.

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I wanna turn into a tree when I die. Just in case there is something at the end, so I can become one with the earth like my ancestors would like to see.

Love is real, spirit is not, niiiiiccceeeeee.

That’s effing right buddy!

Love actually shows up in your brain as a unique neural phenomenon. So love really is measurable l, whether it’s “real” or just chemicals in our brains is irrelevant. We feel it it, and so it’s subjectively real.

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Could be said about the spirit as well, but that’s hallucination (to me) I used to get high and feel stuff like that.

Love is abstract, there is a strong chemical side to it(which validates it to me) but it is also more than that.

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