Question to believers it is spiritual

If it is spiritual, why do you think this is happening to us? Did we do something to open the door way?

I Am Slightly Unsure Of What You mean When You Say ,

“if it is spiritual” ,

Explain Real Quick …

If it is spiritual and not just a disease and figments of our imaginations.

Are You Saying That ,

That The “mental” - “illness” Like Schizophrenia Is What Is Spiritual ???

The question I am asking is based on the premise this is at least partially spiritual. If you don’t agree with the premise, this thread is not for you.

I Never Said That I Agreed OR Did Not Agree On Anything You Posted ,

Jus A Simplistic Question ,

On Your Open Door Of The Phrase ,

“if IT is Spiritual” …

Jus Asking A Question ,

PERHAPS Tha Subject Really Isn’t Fur Ya Yo …

Why? Who knows, it would just be conjecture.

Experimentation, entertainment, psychopathy, simply enjoying it, we can think of all sorts of reasons. Perhaps even target practice? Who knows.

Maybe they are just assholes?

How come we are not protected from it?

Ok I’ll Ask Again ,

If WHAT Is Spiritual ???

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I can think of a number of things I could have done to open a door way in a Christian sense.

I think it is both a brain chemistry problem as well as a possible spiritual aberration, that is brought on by that part of our brain that died or did not form properly so exists in another kind of self induced state of being based on what it tries to solve for it’s lack of being so that lack of being is replaced by delusions and hallucinations that try to fill the void it causes. I just made that up but knowing sz as I do it’s totally believable.

My theories?

Any good ones would love to help, but beings of dark made it and us. The good simply can’t or won’t for different reasons.

I think protection in this world comes from the dark ones, they are probably the only ones willing to protect us and they play games with it. They rules the church, so you join and throws moneys at the church then you get protection.

It’s all very mafioso really that stuff.

They’ll send one to screw with you and then come in and wave sage around or some ■■■■ and get your money and stuff.

And they would gain certain things by making examples of some of us, control control control, fear fear fear, and then money and power and control.

There are none good that have control of this place, and there are none that made it in the first place.

I believe there are good ones. I have had positive spiritual experiences. I could be cynical and say it was good cop bad cop, but I believe there is more out there than just evil. Don’t give them too much power in your mind.

Usually the case, good cop bad cop, exactly.

It’s not a desire for cynicism or anything.

Fine I’ll Jus Pretend I’m Not A Ghost Now ,

I Am Going To ASSUME That You Are Asking If SCHIZOPHRENIA Is Spiritual OR Naught ,

Ok It Goes l(Y)Ke Thus ,

You Have Three Doors To Choose From ,

(((like I Told My Counselor Today)))

Ok Three Doors ,

The Doors Are Open And You Walk Throo One ,

You Realize You Made A Terrible Mistake ,

and A Man Named HAY ZEUS Enters Tha Room and He Says ,

" You Can Either Come With Me Or Stay Here The Choice IS Yours "

So Of Course You Would l(Y)Ke To Go To A Different Room ,

Hmm ??? ,

So You Say Something l(Y)Ke ,

" If I Go With You Whats Gonna Happen "

He Says Nothing ,


You Are Out Of That Stupid Fukkin Room ,

Ok ,

That Is Spirituality ,

and Naught Onli Schizophrenics Have That Emblem On Their Conscience ,

It’s A Birthing Open Door For Us All ,

and No , Life Is Naught Supposed To Be A Punishment ,

But It Feels That Way Sometimes ,

Light/dark - The Dark Pulls Tha Light Into Tha Dark , But the Light Remains To Be Light ,

So As Fatboy Slim Would Say " You Can Go With This Or You Can Go With That OR You Could Go With Us " ,

Good V(Y)D (By The Way) - and That’s A Good SonggG …

Peace . Be Unto You …

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I would LOVE to talk to an “angelic” entity, but of course that would constitute me as a saint or mystic, and what are the odds of both being demonically oppressed and a saint? That is like getting struck by lightning and then winning the lottery. At the same time, I feel like I deserve answers and more spiritual reassurance. I wonder why the positive beings don’t reveal themselves more in the modern world and give humanity the answers it desperately needs in a land of confusion.

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There seems to be occult undertones in this video. Notice for instance the “savior” in the music video is tied up in chains. The anrtichrist according to islam is locked away in chains on an island to this day.

I think there is a correlation between spiritual experience and schizophrenia. The two seem to overlap, and in some cases it is difficult to distinguish one from the other.

During the last 18 months I have often thought I was plunging into mental illness. But it was actually a spiritual experience that I still haven’t properly understood. What I have discovered is now inexorably leading me away from organised religion. When you consider for a moment that I have been a church organist for over twenty years, you may have some understanding of the dichotomy I am faced with. I have experienced what God is really like, and it is not the archetype which the churches put forward. I have a spiritual being with me all the time. I can’t see it, but I can feel it. It is incredibly kind and compassionate, even though at times I have used the foulest language towards it. It rarely speaks, but when it has spoken it has been concise and inspirational. The religions complain that the world is detached from God, but it is the religions who created the process of detachment. They put themselves between us and God. It is them and their bloody rules that is to blame.

Best wishes,

■■■■ I had no idea Disturbed made this song. It’s really awesome. Cool video also.