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I love colorful bold makeup, I think playing with colors is fun. My new favorite palette is Urban Decay Ultraviolet. I love also Jeffree Star eyeshadows. They are great quality and colors are beautiful.

I must admit that I am really lazy with skincare. I should pay more attention to it. I have “good” skin but I’m 35 years soon :confused:


Skincare I use green people anti blemish foam wash. It’s ■■■■■■■ awesome lol

Pat mcgrath labs dark star mascara


I haven’t tried that one. I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the info!

UD Perversion is the best waterproof I’ve come across. Even Dior’s was blech in comparison. I have been sticking to waterproof lately because of my TD issues in my left eye. I blink and squint so much that I smear mascara. So, waterproof it is!

Oh, and ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t already, makeup removing balm is the way to go for getting that eye makeup off without losing all your lashes from rubbing and scrubbing. Farmacy makes a nice one, as do Estee Lauder and Clinique. I’m sure others do as well, I just haven’t tried them.


My routine for makeup involves
1 Too Faced Hangover primer
2 Too Faced born this way natural finish foundation
3 Dose of Colors concealer
4 Too Faced Eye Primer
5 whatever palette I’m in the mood for loving Ofra lately
6 NYX liquid eyeliner for winged liner or Lancôme for pencil liner
7 Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara or I have a bunch of others I rotate through
8 Kiss natural looking false eyelashes with Kiss lash adhesive
9 Makeup by Mario bronzer
10 Iconic London blush
11 Ofra highlight or Fenty Beauty Highlight
12 Too Faced Peach Perfect Setting Powder
13 Urban Decay all nighter matte setting spray

For skincare it varies a bit more when I run out of a product I try new ones since I have a subscription box. Right now though it’s
1 Earth Harbor Sunshine Dew cleansing oil to remove makeup(just like cleansing balm this stuff is amazing)
2 Avant glycolic acid exfoliant
3 Glowoasis milkdew ph balancing toner
4 Murad sensitive skin soothing serum
5 Pur hazy daze CBD eye cream(this stuff is literally amazing)
6 Wishful honey balm jelly moisturizer

Yes I second this or concentrated cleansing oil that you put on your face then add water too. Makeup comes right off!

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gorgeous looks! you look really great!!!

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