Girls do you wear make up

Deleted lol sorry I feel bit paranoid


You look very pretty
No I only wear makeup if I were going somewhere special
I use good skin products though, moisturiser and serum

I don’t wear makeup pretty much ever anymore unless I’m going to a nice event and my mom bullies me about it. It badly irritates my eyes, to be honest.

Nope, I used to all the time. Now I don’t think I’ll ever wear makeup again, unless it’s for Halloween.

Aw you didn’t have to delete it! You look like royalty!

Really I like it when girls wear as little makeup as possible. My mother looks like a damn geisha sometimes! Okay that probably sounds mean, but she really overdoes it I feel. She’s got natural beauty she just doesn’t embrace it.

Besides, doesn’t the makeup wear out and damage your skin over the long run?

I really like makeup, it’s one of my hyper fixations and I spend way too much money on it… I’m an artist and I consider my face a second canvas, makeup being paint…
It’s fun and it makes me feel happy


No, I do not wear any makeup. And, I never have all of my life. I only use soap on my face, and nothing else. And, I am told that I am very pretty. I am 57 and people think that I look about 42. They don’t think I look old enough to have had a son that would have been 36 had he have lived. I believe that moisturizers, in contrast to what they claim, really dry your skin out.

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I put on spf 70 sunscreen. I was too impatient for makeup. I hardly ever wear it. I sometimes wear it for special occasions.

Ish have u started working(job)…

I only wear makeup when I go out.

I don’t own any make up. I just put on regular body lotion.

I wear makeup. Just a bit of face powder, eyeliner and mascara.

Only when I go out. I used to wear makeup everyday but I gave up with that yrs ago. I don’t care as much as I used to about my looks. I might start wearing more one day but right now it feels like a waste of time and money

Not really. Unless I’m going to a wedding or something.

i wear powder and lipstick… i look terrible without it… I have acne and allergic to acne products unless i go to a doctor and thats usually expensive.

I wear make-up most of the time. I really enjoy it and it makes me feel pretty but I don’t have the energy to put it on every day. ditto for my hair. I use to love doing my hair and now I almost never do it. Meds mess with my energy and motivation

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If I was a girl I probably would, but I wouldn’t go overboard. I would wear makeup according to the occasion, which means at times none.

Not much anymore

I used to wear makeup every day before my last relapse. Now it just seems like a huge waste of effort.