Magic and schizophrenia, is there a link?

I think most people would say your real problem is related to delusions - but I know you don’t want to hear that.

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The idea of that time travel bit was that anything within that sphere would be moving so fast everything else would be slow. Also the sphere was gyrating like a series of separate circles moving in opposite though complimentary forms in order to maintain somehow intertwining and melding into a single thing by achieving a certain velocity. I got the feeling it was that way in order not to cause some sort of spatial rift (while maintaining whatever was inside from completely disappearing. Mostly felt like it’d cause things to reach some sort of ethereal (for lack of a better word) form like dissipating water becoming steam… Almost like an egg being crushed by the pressure of going deeper underwater (fish would likely eat it before that happened though hah, it might cause us to turn into lifeless blobs in our current physical form. We’d have learn more of how water becomes solid with temperature to avoid this.) Who knows maybe in 10,0000 years. I really like that futurama episode with the song, “In the year 2525”. Hard to explain hah. Just felt like adding that.

Anyway, the illusion-type magic is fun to watch especially live.

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I went way off topic. To get back on, I agree with SzAdmin, they may be delusions and we usually do not like to hear that. (Same applies for my rant.) One thing is safe to say, we as schizophrenics have an interesting imagination.

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Yes, that was one of my problems during psychosis.

It was they, they were in my mind doing things to it.

They can tap the brain.

They have also performed numerous external things as well, things that could never be considered a disease.

Didn’t you know they could make you think things?


Magic is an old practice in which people carry favor with the spirits and get things from them, could be any of number of things.

A rain dance for instance is when they offered dancing in respect to them in return for rain, it worked!

Magic is seriously not for young people, it’s a powerful and serious thing and can do much, look into it.

In today’s lingo magic would be the use of interdimensional abilities, look into it.

This is a site that people come to when they are looking to get better. Since you are looking to get worse and drag other people into your illness, you should consider taking your negative pap elsewhere.

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