Stop watching the forum and say something

Hey, you guys, the ones who know whats wrong with us.

Stop reading this stuff and say something.

Care to post something, just gonna keep on reading?

Your sick sir. That is all thats wrong. i know it all seems real, but it just isn’t. Psychotic tendencies. You’ve created characters in your mind. You give them life.


Hallucinations can’t physically harm me on two seperate occasions.

And you don’t start looking at the clock at the same time over and over again after seeing an alien because of a disease.

Don’t get me wrong, something is wrong with my brain, but the problem is someone and not a chemical imbalance.

C’mon man, they even burned me once and left visual marks on my hand while appearing to me visually, that isn’t a disease yo!

He aint sick. You don’t think people are watching or listening to you.

pansdisease, you are really delusional, nothing burned you unless you somehow burned yourself while being delusional and then made it up as truth that you were burned…you weren’t burned, it’s all a lie you have being whispered into your brain by schizophrenia…what meds are you on? you definitely need to see a pdoc…

I did for a long time… but I’m starting to realize that I’m just schizo. All this telepathy and they don’t use to catch criminals and make the world a better place? Like Jaynebeal is always saying telepathy just isnt real. Im knocking the spokes out from under my SZ and its working im feeling better and my symptoms continue to dissipate.


NO. Just no.

They burned me and appeared to me visuall.

They can affect the visual centers of the brain and make you see â– â– â– â– .

I wasn’t burning myself at all.

It caused physical pain and left two seperate marks on me.

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I would like to believe that but there’s just too many COINCEDENCES that I see and hear.

To me it’s really whatever I can’t change it. Sometimes it seems like there is telepathy but I have to talk myself out of it. Nobody talks about it or uses their powers if they do.

Coincidences will always line up with this disease, because you’ll notice things that are there in the way that you see them, but not necesarily what’s happening. For example, people are always mocking and laughing at me. I’m surrounded by clowns. Everywhere I go, these people are. They’re always going to be there because in my sight they are clowns. They MIGHT be laughing, but may not be laughing at me or against me. Even if they were laughing at me, it might not be in the way that I’m perceiving it.

In @pansdisease case, it could possibly be hallucinations and depersonilization, but I doubt it. The quotes that he writes sounds like things that spirits share. Things not previously well-known to man, or other things that would be unlikely to talk about + what he sees.

you both sound delusional to me? people aren’t clowns laughing at anybody. they are just people. I’m just calling it like I see it…there seems to be an awful trait on this site of people not wanting to take their meds and not being stable because of it…everyone that is schizophrenic should stay in close touch with their general practice doctor and also their psychiatrist and if there are things you would like to change about your disease, they can help…simple as that.

I am med free, but I also did not say people are laughing clowns. Please read my message again.

I’ll say something when I think of something to say.

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Meow meow meow meow?

If you felt it it could be tactile hallucinations. I feel all sorts of weird random stuff. Wind inside my body. Hot and cold. Pressure. I tried testing it out by picturing a giant spider crawling up my leg and I could feel it. Pictured someone grabbing my arm and felt a hand on my arm. I can breathe wind through my head on purpose. One time my armpit got super hot for no reason and this happened to my leg too. Your mind can do really strange things sometimes.

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Time to close my window.

I agree, and do so with supporting evidence. Coincidence shamincedence.

It’s like the time when I cracked the KJV Bible Code. Others quickly stated that the bible decoder that I had uncovered would give the same impressive results even if it was applied to nothing but pure randomly ordered text.

In short, they were saying that the code language that I had uncovered was no more sophisticated than that which could be achieved via the use of pure randomness.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that people could be that stupid. But they really really really really were that stupid !

And then there is reality. It boggles my mind when I see others not understand Albert Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity. My parents pulled me out of school before I reached grade 11. Yet despite not having any education in physics, I still figured out Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity on my own. Of course I did not realize that I did so at first since I knew nothing of Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity to begin with.

Still to this this day I can not understand why everyone else can not do the same.

Again, if you think I am full of it, then check my profile and access my videos concerning “KSP Special Relativity”. Then check the webs across the world and you will find no one else that figured it out the way that that I did because it is and was a one time doing. No one else on the entire planet figured it out the way that I did, not even Albert Einstein, yet the results are the same.

And that one guy at the bar, who isn’t a witch, im not saying he is at all, i don’t believe in that stuff and it isn’t real, just old faerie tales is what that is.

So he begins reciting a dark poem, one of the lines was “ill drag you into the darkness”, but when he begins i begin to hallucinate visually, the lights begin to dim, they get darker and darker, and the guy himself began to change, he ended up missing hair and teeth and grinning at me like he was going to kill me, the visual of him really enjoyed the fear you know.

So while this visual is happening the words are getting very intense because of it, hypnotic even, they became something more is what im saying, they became powerful because of this visual and the feelings of dread.

And then he ceased reciting, and the very instant he stopped the visual went away, and then he yells at me “im a black witch!” Like really getting in my face about it.

Proof positive right there! They can make you see things, hear things, feel things, they have also made me think things for ■■■’s sake.

And physically harming me twice took it even further, someone harmed me twice while someone appeared visually, and the burning on my hand even left two marks. And during this little escapade of evil â– â– â– â–  there was even a hooded figure standing in my home when i was coming back.

I keep seeing the future to, seriously?!

I’ve got voices predicting things, telling me where things are, once they cracked a joke knowing the time when i didn’t know what time it was.

And what i really don’t get is why the hell they are telling me these things, i want to be one of the other ones, knowing makes it even worse.