Made my 2 visits to the gym today

I wish I can keep training.
I expect and hope that nothing will stop me.
One time I did strength training, and the other time aerobic training on the elliptical trainer.
The elliptical trainer with a record resistance setting.
Yesterday I did aerobic exercise on the indoor rower and had an outstanding performance.


I think that exercising is great, my goal in this year is to ride my bicycle over 4000 kilometers. Exercising is good for our minds. You know that brain is also a muscle, how could we exercise our brains, I used to multiply two 5-digit numbers in my mind and time how fast I was able to calculate these numbers. Have not done this for a few years, hów do you exercise your mind?


I love getting lots of oxygen flowing in my brain from exercise. Makes you feel alive alive

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@Chess24 it has been said somewhere that great chess players can multiply two 5-digit numbers in their mind, just for fun, try to multiply 45387 X 83647 and time it how long it took, I remember that you are quite good in chess.

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