Did my exercise for today

I exercised on the elliptical trainer.
Record resistance setting( 16).
My exercise duration was fine considering that the resistance setting was at a record.
55 minutes overall( record tying duration on the elliptical trainer), 3 sets, in the third(which was best) 16 minutes breathing through the nose and 24 overall . In the first two sets I stopped because of my legs,
in the third could have gone on for some time but time was up.


Sounds good, you know this exercising is good for your mind too,

maybe that is why I ride my bicycle so much,

sometimes I think that would be nice to live in a bigger city, could take more nice pics

but gladly we have different seasons and my little town looks always different.


It is now time for me to do my exercise (yoga). I do it every night at 1000 pm. It is now 1011 pm. If I didn’t do yoga everyday, I would be in so much pain from arthritis, that I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. With yoga, I feel like a healthy 25 year old. I am 58.

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Nice ! I went to the gym 2 days ago and then went to the sauna. Such a good feeling.

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Sounds good! I’m exercising way more and seeing some really good benefits for my mental health as well!


Nice. Splitting wood gets it all out for me. Great for the heart, back and chest. Mind most importantly, a feeling of accomplishment with exercise is the greatest feeling for sz, imo. Lessens symptoms in my case.


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