I am making big progress right now

Today was the first time I trialed a digital watch for rowing.
I also used a HR sensor.
Both of them worked very well and I am very happy with the way the rowing session went.
After several more sessions of rowing, I will buy a multi gym for strength training, and after I sort out strength training I will also add cognition, stuff like studying mathematics, chess and Chinese characters.


Rowing and exercise is very healthy! My exercise is one of the only things that reminds me to eat healthy.

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Hello @sirBoring . It is nice to hear from you. I wish you all the best, may you meet your goals
in life and attain happiness and life satisfaction.

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good for you chess :slight_smile: well done

and i hope you enjoy you’re math, Chinese and chess

I’m going to phone up my gym to see about prices lol, i’d like a game of basketball


I need your help Chess can you message me?

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