Another day, another record exercise performance

Yesterday it was the indoor rower, where I set a record set of 1130 row strokes and 42 minutes continuously,
up from the previous record of 670 row strokes and 24 minutes continuously.
Today the elliptical trainer, resistance setting 14, 18:30 minutes continuously , up from the previous record
of 12 minutes continuously. And, I stopped at 18:30 not because my legs jumbled or I went out of air,
but because my 30:00 at the elliptical trainer was up.
If things continue this well on the elliptical trainer, I will increase the duration of exercising or the resistance,
or both.


That is so impressive, @Chess24! Keep up the good work. I’ve been slacking off on my yoga lately. I was doing it everyday and now it’s only every other day. I need to really get back in gear.

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