Low testosterone as symptom of negative schizophrenia

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/18063925/. The negative symptoms of schizo( dopamine deficiency in frontal parts of brain) can cause testosterone levels to drop since dopamine and test are in negative feedback loop. I have schizophrenia with just very strong negative symptoms and I have low test( at 19 y.o. originally). Also incidentally high prolactin( testosterone and prolactin also in loop determining each other’s levels). No other cause of my low test has been determined ( low test at that young age is very rare). I believe my low test is symptom of my strong negative schizophrenia.

Testoserone probably causes more problems than it solves. Unless you’re playing inside linebacker in the NCAA you don’t need all that much of it.

Agree, high test will cause high dopamine Wich will cause more positive symptoms. however if your test level is functionally low it will cause health problems too

And when I tell docs about schizo causing my low test, they look like they have no clue what I’m talking about

It all depends on what part of your body the testerosone affects. I’ve heard that testoserone causes prostate problems. Also, it is likely to make you turn psycho when you’ve had too much alcohol. I was checking out this site for bodybuilders. They’re doing lots of steroids these days. It was giving the date they died on a lot of top body builders. I think only one made it to his fifties. The others died in their forties. They sure were muscular, though.

High test is dangerous like you’re saying especially if you inject it to abnormally high levels.

I knew a person whose testosterone was so high his penis could pole vault 17 feet :):smile:

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Low adrenaline, and overactive opioid receptors can be linked to depersonalization.

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