Low Testosterone and Depression

Typical Antipsychotics and Risperdal can raise Prolactin levels, which in turn can lower Testosterone levels.

I suffered from a deeper depression earlier, that is now getting better, but I still dont feel like my depression totally disapeared - I feel like I still suffer from minor depressive symptoms from time to time and I get tired easily, sometimes crashing on the couch at 5 pm or earlier.

There is a weak link between low Testosterone and Depression - I do suffer from low Testosterone levels, probably due to Risperdal use.

I am wondering if my lingering Depressive episodes have something to do with my lower Testosterone levels.

I am wondering if I should go see an Endicronologist - Testosterone Replacement can be dangerous to our Health.

I am going to get another blood test done soon, but in the meantime I may talk to my pdoc to see if I should try another Antipsychotic other than Risperdal - I suffer from many differet kinds of side effects connected to the Risperdal.

Losing weight and exercise can raise Testosterone levels.

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Or accelerate your plans to get off benzos. Benzos can make depression worse. I’d look at that first.

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Yes, you are right, forgot about this.

Something to think about - I have to work on both I guess.

Low T = Low libido and sexual dysfunction, I suffer from both unfortunately.

You can think change your drugs to abilify.abilify is decreasing the prolactine levels

I was on Abilify for years, it wasnt the drug for me unfortunately.

Why whats happened

It made me more anxious and agitated - amped me up, not controlling my symptoms.

I actually have borderline low T. I have a count of 450 while 850 is more typical of aggressive and muscular men. 2,200 is typical of steroid users. 300 and below is like whoa and requires injections. 1,200 is typical of a man on a T booster from over the counter.

I feel more mentally driven and agitated than horny and testy. I know what those and like and I don’t have them. I have what is called righteous anger due to victimization.

I have my depressive moments, and they are sobering. It’s actually mostly about how I am not disabled and instead am highly capable and already accomplished. I cried yesterday before doing a load of research because I knew I would finish early and find insight. What do you know, I did, and I wrote my research questions down. There, another idea for a thesis.

I sometimes cry because I am not challenged enough, other times because I look at how I have changed since I was diagnosed. I’m doing what was considered the best possible outcome, with bells and whistles like also being in very good physical shape. Sigh

I sometimes just feel sad about how I see so many of us fight but not win like I do.

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WTF - Now I’m reading that low Testosterone levels can also cause irritability and lack of motivation!

Sounds a lot like bipolar and SZ symptoms!

I have very low testosterone through hypopituitarism. I can vouch for all the comments made so far. I feel I have been punished by nature.

Best wishes,

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I’m getting ‘fat gut’ and ‘shrink dink’ from 15mg of Abilify…

My Doc just tried to switch me to Latuda, but it’s not covered by my work insurance. I’m drafting a letter to my employer asking for an exemption. Or possibly there is a generic version of this drug that is covered?

(I’m back posting for now. I tried a mainstream messageboard and crashed in 3 days)


Sorry about the gut, the dink, the work and the crash, but man am I glad to see you back.

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You missed us! We missed you!

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