Guys,what can these causes

What can high prolactin level and lowered testerone level by psychiatric medication causes in man?
I heard if in long term too high prolactin can causes a bone disease and also I had sexual dysfunction,which antipsychotic doesn’t causes sexual dysfunction?

It probably varies from person to person. One med. can affect two people very differently.

I am on abilify,they say it doesn’t causes Sexual problem to people,to me it isn’t true

On this site there are lists of side effects for a variety of meds including antipsychotics. You just need to input the name for the med, and then search for the tags of side effects. It seems abilify along with zyprexa are among those with low sexual problems.

Are you sure that’s the cause? It is one of those less likely to cause that.

That’s why,I stopped abilify for 1 year and my sexual function return in 3 months,my doctor said it might be prolactin levels

imo some sytoms of sexual problems come with sz not meds

Appearantly Risperidone, invega and amisulpride are much worse in terms of prolactin problem.

I’m pretty sure that high prolactin levels causes, or at least can cause, breast enlargement in both males and females.


I’m taking amisulpride and it causes big sexual problems with me, I’ve also noticed my breasts are enlarged. Must be prolactin. I wish I could find a different med that doesn’t cause this problem. I tried searching but haven’t found it yet.

I am 44 and I think my age has caused my testoserone to drop. When I was 39 I felt like I had a lot more testoserone. I am calmer now. I asked my physician to test my testoserone and see about a prescription to raise it. She said it would be like putting gas on a fire probably talking about prostate issues. Now everyday I see a commercial saying how prescription testosterone boosters can cause increased risk in heart attack and blood clots and prostate problems.
My prolactin was checked and it was not sky high, but I had a mammogram because I felt lumps in my breast which are large(for a male) and I think the docter told me I had gynocamastia. My mom said my breast were lactating for a week or so when I was born. Wierd bieng I am a male and she did not take any prescriptions.

Forget the drugs…foods and supplements is usually all someone needs unless there are circulatory issues too.

Black Beans

anything with zinc and vitamin D

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