Does anybody else have low testosterone?

I had my blood drawn a few years ago and discovered that I had really low testosterone. I think I was 34 when I found out my testosterone was low, my doc said I had the level of an 80 year old man. A lot of the symptoms of low testosterone are the same as negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I tried testosterone replacement therapy for a couple months and it did not make me feel much better, so I quit before my body completely shut down production. I am curious if it might be possible that some of my medications caused this, but it obviously could just be my genes. I have thought about trying therapy again, but once you are on it for a period of time your body shuts down it’s own production, and you usually become infertile. Then you are stuck on it for life. I have come to terms with taking medications for schizophrenia for life, and I really don’t want to add another in whole new catagory. Anyways, like the topic says, do any of you have low testosterone?

I’m a woman with fairly normal hormones, so I can’t offer any relating, sorry. But I did want to add that studies have shown that psychopaths have really (abnormally so) high testosterone. So maybe you are the opposite and a wonderful empath? :open_mouth:

Sorry you are dealing with this, though.


I had low Testosterone a while ago - My last blood test revealed Normal levels of Testosterone.

My Family doctor told me that Testosterone levels will shift around many times.

Right now, thanks to Risperdal use, my Hormone levels are Everywhere.


I have never had my level tested. I think it is normal though because after a day of using my electric shaver I should use it again(but usually don’t) . I don’t think it’s high though as I don’t have a hairy chest .

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