Lots of stuff happened over the past two weeks

I started a meeting with my (new) therapist last week but I didn’t get through a minute of it because my mom happened to have called the counseling centre and complained about the therapist dropping out. Then the head therapist told my mother about what happened with the other therapist, and said the old therapist has done something bad and they had to kick her out. So the head therapist told my mom that they would start the meeting next week Saturday but nothing related to telehealth messages came on my phone, so I’m now worried that I’ve been ghosted.

Otherwise this is the second week of classes which will be my last semester (hopefully) for good. If not I have to take more classes which I assume it will be like one or two more.

After that I’m getting back into the industry, not sure what I’m going to do next. Probably something I can do remotely. I unfortunately had no luck getting a job last break so I’m hoping that I will be more independent starting after this semester.

But I’m really upset about this therapist centre for not keeping in touch with me and letting me fall through the cracks. If nothing has been scheduled tomorrow, I’m going to call the centre on Monday.

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