Losing Weight after stopping Antipsychotics

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I’m off medication for about 1.5 months now, and still haven’t started losing weight. I’m following keto diet (minimal carbs) and also exercising (playing sports at least 3 times per week). I was wondering when will I start losing the weight gained from the antipsychotics because the weight scale isn’t moving since I stopped?

Beside ketogenic diet (which I prefer) and working out, what else can I do to start losing weight? Are there supplements or vitamins that are recommended that can help with the recovery and weight loss process?

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Yeah it’s really hard on meds but I’m getting there. For me it’s totally burn calories and not calorie count but eat better. So that means cut out the sugar. I still do carbs but I keep it simple like serving or rice, some veges and simple protein like some grilled chicken.

So it’s more disciplined eating for me. No takeaways. Have your odd treat but it’s all about discipline whilst your exercising. And keep exercising.


When I went off antipsychotics in the past, I was visibly loosing weight after about 4 months.

What really helped me was eating habits and regularly jogging. 5 times per week, half hour per session.

Good luck with the weight loss.

try green coffee beverage it helped me alot in losing weight even with my antipsychotic intake. and it doesn’t have any side effect. i have made a topic about it.

i hope that you stopped your antipsychotics upon pdoc advice and supervision not on your own decision.