Help pls very sad

Hello everyone

I have been diagnosed with temporary psychosis for 7 and a half years. I take antipsychotics (ariprizole and haldol). I gained 30 kilos. I would ask you for help how to lose weight because I feel worse every day.


Temporary psychosis for 7 years?


I think I have schizophrenia and they do not want to give me such a diagnosis yet.
now I am stable with the medicines. but you never know what might happen at any minute. I have almost no social life. except that I go to work.


Reduce your calories intake and increase your physical activity.


I struggle with obesity too.
Activity is the key.
I reduced calories intake, but without activity
i can’t lose weight

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I’m on Abilify. I’m losing weight by calorie counting.

Download a calorie counting app for your smart phone.


There are people who have had succes losing weight by cutting down on carbs. I myself have gained weight from AP and I am going on a low carb diet soon. I hope it works. You yourself can try it if you want so.


7 years is not temporary lol.

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can i ask what type of work you do? its great you have a job, i hope you enjoy it

Im working in one company for mobile phones.

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Maybe it is like medication. Keep trying different things to find a good right mix of things that works for you.

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I reduced weight on weigh loss pills that probably had some kind of amphetamines in it. total loss of appetite in the first few days.
It may worse your psychosis but mine didn’t. I managed it somehow.
It’s not suggested if you’re psychotic.

Haloperidol is weight neutral, aripiprazole causes binge eating, you should talk to a doctor about it

I only started losing weight when I was put on an ad and had finally the energy to exercise.

there is a fellowship called overeaters anonymous
it’s a 12 step program like AA
it has given me my life back
if there are no meetings near you there are hundreds of meetings on line
i’ve gone from very large to almost acceptable within half a year
it’s for the rest of my life because i’ve gained freedom from food and friends and an amazing sponsor
try a few on line meetings
it might be helpful
i’m not on a diet i’m eating healthy
no longer hungry all the time or obsessive about calories or my weight

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