Losing a lot of weight since stopping Invega

So its been 3 years since stopping of Invega. Sure, I was managed to lose weighr while on Invega, but when the dose was upped or I stopped exercising, the I was getting like 10kgs in a month. Now im on haloperidol and weight is really slowly weaning off, that means my prolactin is normal again. I stopped eating junk food and overrleat and snack when stopped Invega. Now i eat 3 normal sized meals a day and im fine. Havent weighted myself, but I feel my belly is getting smaller and smaller feeling


Good work. I’m on a similar path…I put on most with risperdal…actually losing on zyprexa but it’s horribly hard work. Have to live like a saint and watch what we eat and drink. I exercise better at 50 than I did at 30 but that is good isn’t it?

More power to you and keep on keeping on!

Are you on injection from of haloperidol

Yeah injection 1515

I’m on invega and it’s giving me problems, i wanna switch to haloperidol , would you say it’s better than invega

Well haloperidol doesnt work like antihistamine, is less drowsing and requires low dose to be effective. Its much more effective and wont stop working like Invega one day, also works for anxiety also. One thing to note if you are already experiencing tremor or stiff muscles on Invega, haloperidol is worse in this case

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I think that’s what’s going on with me after a yr it feels like invega has stopped.