Prolactin lowering weightloss?

I was changed from schzioaffective to personality disorder I was taking off invega. So far I may not concentrate all time and complete tasks(I’m on straterra) but I feel more enjoyment completing hobbies. I think I’m going to get my period soon and that my prolactin is lowering I’ve been watching what eat and walking will my prolactin lowering make it easier to lose weight?I lost 12pounds while on invega because walked alot but know my prolactin is high and that can cause you gain weight in it self. Side note is anyone else on straterra?it makes me want to sleep all time when I take it so don’t always take it like I’m suppose to or I’ll always be in bed. I notice big difference when I don’t take it especially for few days. I told Dr but she doesnt feel need change my medicine.

I had high prolactin on risperidone. Gained a lot of weight on it as well. When I went off it I stopped gaining weight but unfortunately I was never able to lose it.

Not to highjack your thread but where did you go for basic training? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Fort jackson sc

What is your MOS? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Ammunition specialist

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