Lose It! Weight loss app

I just started seeing a nutritionist for weight loss. I’ve gained 20lbs this year which is not good.
I started using that app on my phone and I love it. It even has a barcode feature where I have scanned the barcode and the calories and servings are loaded directly! I really like that, just take a picture of the package and it’s all loaded automatically.

I had a Chik-FilA sandwich meal yesterday for example for a whopping 900+ calories. I can do this weight loss thing now with this app!


WOw nice hat u seem really enjoying …have a good time with application and hope soon u will get rid of unnecessary fat…!!!

I gained it all on serequell and haven’t been able to lose it. It’s the app my new nutritionist recommended. One of them anyway.
It’s quick and easy.

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Good for you @NiceHat!

I wish you luck on losing weight with the help of the App.

I am going to check the App out myself, I need to lose a considerable amount of weight!

We can encourage each other if you like the app too. I logged my breakfast banana and tea, for 105 calories so far today!

After yesterday, I’m 700 calories over for the week… that’s ok I think for today because I’m new to using it. It’s very easy to use, I like it. :smile:

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Mentall illness and weight gain goes usually hand in hand. Of course everyone is unique and different, but there is a strong evidence that comfort food does actually gives comfort, and it actually amplifies for us

Congratulations embarking on new journey, I wish you nothing but success.

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I use a calorie tracking app called: MyFitnessPal It has helped me to lose 53 pounds. I went from 200 pounds to 147 pounds in about a year and have kept it off for about a year now. All I have to do is keep counting calories. And I do it with this app. every day. I keep track of my exercise calories too with this app. I highly recommend this app. It has a great, supportive community too.


I think that’s the other one the nutritionist recommended.

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