Weight loss app

I just wanted to highly recommend the calorie tracker myfitnesspal. So far I’ve lost 26 lbs and dropped 3 pant sizes. Ive religiously logged in once a day over the past 70 days to add what ive eaten. I’m so much more conscious of portion sizes, even weighing, measuring food to be accurate. Now that I’m feeling better with the asthma under control I hope to start exercising-running again and biking when the weather turns to tone up my flabby muscles. Plus I need the stress relief from school.


I’m using a simple calorie counting app for BlackBerry.

I too weigh and measure the calories of my food now and I’m losing weight.


I used myfitnesspal a couple of years ago before trying to make my own simple app. I just downloaded MFP again and it’s nice to see they fixed a lot of things. I think I may try going back to using it for a bit since it does a nice job of tracking Sodium which I get too much of and Vitamin A and Potassium which I don’t tend to get enough of.

I think it tends to set my calorie goal a little too high though… it says about 1900 calories but with my meds I think I only need to eat about 1700. I am finding it’s really good for me to eat mostly low glycemic index foods too since I don’t get blood sugar swings as much which can supposedly make the body store fat more easily.

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all I need to do to lose weight is get back into the exercise regiment I was in in high school and college. I ran four miles before break fast, and five before dinner, I also did 100 push ups and sit ups for each mile I ran, and 50 for each mile I walked or jogged.

But yeah weight is an issue for me. I put on close to 200 lbs while in the hospital the first time… I weighed ike 300 when I left…

You can set MFP to ratios of carbs, Na, and whatnot of what you want to eat. And it tells you when you are getting close to your alloted amount for the day or when a food is high in sugar or Na.

Thats a really rigorous exercise regime. I ran cross country and track too in high school and college, then marathons and triathlons in the years afterwards. Then when I got sick I was put on meds where I lost motivation and gained 70lbs. So far I’ve managed to lose 60 of those lbs but not gained the motivation back. I get spurts of it sometimes where i’m gung ho but it never last more than a few weeks then i’m back on the couch. Its hard not to compare myself to the person i used to be, ya know so fit and in shape and healthy. I was a rockstar, I could run 26.2, hike or bike all day, rock climb. Now i get fatigued just walking around.

dont I know it. I always struggled with weight in my teens, which was why I had such a plan in place. It sucks to think I used to run 5 minute mile and now it takes me almost 10 to do the same distance.

I also used to be able to run all day, I could do a lot of stuff, now it kills me to take my dogs on a walk around the yard.