Looks like I'm developing restless leg syndrome

The only way I can get to sleep is to get up and have a sandwich.

So I’m gaining weight again, also I’m pretty sure that isn’t the best thing for my health as I think having “midnight snacks” are bad for your heart.


Have you tried a sleeping pill or melatonin? I take melatonin, passion flower and valerian to sleep. I don’t need to take it often. There’s also Tylenol PM - if they still make it.

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Thanks. Good idea. I might start experimenting with sleep supplements. I’d rather not go down the sleeping pill route yet, but might have to.


Oh I’m sorry @everhopeful
Restless legs are extremely uncomfortable.

Could be a new supplement as the cause.

Wish you some relief


Thanks wave.

I’m going to start my experiments with a multivitamin as a quick Google search shows that various vitamins and minerals might help.

I might have to quit coffee completely again too. :slightly_frowning_face:


A woman i know has got RLS. Tho, frankly its down to her opiate abuse.

You want to speak to your doctor about Parkinson Drugs. Theres a few that will get rid of it.

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I googled magnesium for RLS and came up with a few articles.

Magnesium supplementation for the treatment of restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder: A systematic review - PubMed (nih.gov)

Try it and see what you find… :slight_smile:


Oh, this is funny. No it’s not funny you have rls, it’s funny I have it. I take cogentin for it. But, I was out of it when all of that happened so for a long time I kept trying to stop taking the cogentin. I would say to the pdoc I don’t need this and she would say it’s for your restless legs, and I would say I don’t have restless legs, and she would say that’s because you take the cogentin. But I guess I did this multiple times.

Anyway, if you can’t get at it naturally, cogentin works.

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