Can't sleep. Help?

Do you take anything to help you sleep? I feel like I’ve tried everything, but it’s actually been like 15 years since I’ve tried anything but Klonopin for sleep, so I’m sure there are more options out there.

My insomnia is totally kicking ass lately. I get maybe 2-3 hours of sleep a night. It sucks.

Oh, my clinician did tell me about this thing that did kind of help me fall asleep, but my bigger problem is staying asleep.

But if you boil a banana, peel and all, for about 10-15 minutes, then drink the banana “tea” it’ll help you sleep. It’s worked all but like 2 times a tried it and it works really well for a friend of mine that tried it. Now she does it all the time.

Staying asleep? I use white noise. I have a fan, and it also helps feeling the air circulate. Basically I use my senses and then dull them to stimuli.

valarian root if aggitated, melatonin if wide awake, magnesium(in bananas) to calm down, drink a glass of water and do some excercise to regulate

I take magnesium before bed for RLS already. It doesn’t help me sleep, just keeps the pain at bay.

did you always have RLS, or is it from a medication? RLS can point to another issue, possibly dietary.

@LED 5 mg Ativan bam

I used alcohol for over 20 years to help me sleep, the only problem is that I needed to drink a huge amount of it, and I have had interactions between alcohol and my meds.
The only thing that helps me sleep apart from alcohol is Fluvoxamine.
I have not had any alcohol for almost 3 weeks. I went 9 months last year with no alcohol.


Chamomile tea?
You probably already tried it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Did the magnesium help with RLS? Because I have RLS.

Yeah, I have Klonopin, but it doesn’t really help me stay asleep. It’ll help get me to fall asleep, but then I only sleep for an hour or two and I’m up.

I’ve had it since I was about 5 years old.

It does! I used to take Mirapex, but lost my insurance and had to stop. I take 750mg of magnesium oxide before bed and it’s like magic. Works so well!

I know that am5mg Ativan is indicated as a treatment for insomnia, not sure about the klon

It is. I used to take ativan, but it doesn’t work as well. And now my new psych won’t prescribe me high enough dose of the Klonopin to really do much anyways.

same. my own case of insomnia and RLS was fixed completely through dietary changes, largely just watching grain and sugar intake.

Lucky. I wish. I’ve been on so many special diets for pain, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, etc. The only thing that helped was no artificial sweeteners and low sugar helped with pain.

ah, sorry, that sucks! wish you luck

Guided meditation videos sometimes help me to fall asleep. Then, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I just replay the video. It also helps me to have a boring audiobook, like a history textbook or something I won’t pay attention to. The boring book drones on in monotone all night long, and I drift in and out of consciousness. It keeps me from feeling like I have to get up and check my phone during the night.

i leave netflix open with earbuds. when falling asleep it sounds like people whispering. so calming