Restless Leg Syndrome


Does anyone else have RLS? What do you take for it?

Right now I use 750mg magnesium before bed, but it’s starting to not work as well. I used to take Mirapex, but then I was on Seroquel and they interacted weird and made neither work so I stopped taking it. My doctor now said since I had that reaction previously he’s not comfortable starting me in it again and I’d have to wait until our next appointment.

Help? I’ve tried to Google but I’m having a hard time reading and concentrating.



It’s a side effects tablet.


Does it work well for you?


The RLS isn’t a side effect of meds. I’ve had it since I was a toddler.


I’ve used ice packs for RLS and that has worked for me. They say heat works for some people.


Do you just leave them on and replace them all night? How long does it last?

I used to do really hot baths and that helped, but only while I was in the bath.


Any dopamine agonist should help. Ask your doc for “Requip”


Exercise can help to reduce it.


I have RLS…I don’t do anything for it…just keep on bouncing my legs !! done it my whole life.


How do you sleep, though? Mine gets so bad I feel like I can’t breathe when it gets up in my chest. Not doing anything isn’t really an option.


I take a sleep aid…trazadone 300 mg…puts me out…you must have it worse than me because I don’t shake my legs in bed.


I had RLS for many years. It’s a very common side effect. Also referred to as akathesia. Ask your doctor for propranolol. You can either take it as a deterrent to your side-effect or as needed, when you feel it coming on.


It’s not a side effect for me, I’ve had it since I was little. I’ve tried a side effect med before and it didn’t touch it.


Gabapentin seems to help with RLS also but after awhile u need to keep upping your dosage


My doctor said that he prescribes Cloneazepam to his own father for RLS.


I already take that for insinuating and it doesn’t seem to make a difference for my rls. I wonder if it’s actually helping it just knocking him out so he doesn’t notice.


Here’s a lot of info

Maybe something in there might help.


I tried reading that yesterday. Maybe I’ll try again. I know I’m being annoying turning everything down. I was just having a really hard time reading pages of information. Was hoping for a miracle.


I get it from Seroquel about 2 hours after I’ve taken it at night. I just go to bed, since by that time the Seroquel will have made me pretty sleepy anyway. But it’s nothing like the restless legs I got from Abilify. I even got that one at daytime. It was hellish. I didn’t sleep much.

A med change to a more sedating AP would probably help as a last resort.


I’ve never met a sedating AP that actually helped me sleep through RLS pain. Even when I was on higher dose of Seroquel it barely made me sleepy. I take 2-4mg of Klonopin at night just to get 2-4 hours of sleep. My insomnia laughs in the face of sleeping pills. Lol