Looking for advice

I’m trying to make new friends.

So I found a book club that’s just for women.

They meet for brunch and discuss a book each month

Problem is they’re picking restaurants I can’t afford. Like at all. Like a salad is over $20

If I go this month I will get a small garden side salad. If I go next month I can only afford a side of fries

Will I look ridiculous? Should I be looking for a different group? What would you do?


I don’t think it would be strange just to get a soda or some kind of beverage like tea or coffee.


Sounds like a “Ladies Who Brunch and Also Happen to Read” type of group…

Tough call, honestly, as there’s no way of knowing if these women are judgmental about silly things like what someone orders or not.

I personally would avoid— sorry. Sounds too exclusive and gatekeep-y.


I agree with sztuna
That sounds posh and there are all sorts of things that come along with that. Terrible things lol Eating french fries isn’t the solution.


I agree with @sweetpotatopie and @Schztuna

Maybe you could eat before you go and just get a coffee or something… idk, I wouldn’t question someone who only orders a coffee :woman_shrugging:

But it does sound pretty stuck up-y as well, the book club…

I say go at least one time and order that coffee and see how you like it :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, @Schztuna @Human @FreeLunch @sweetpotatopie , I could just go once and see if they’re a stuck up crowd or not.

I’m an extremely laid back, no frills kind of lady so if they are acting above others I could just not go again.

Stuck up people aren’t my crowd.

But it is hard to get through an event as the only person not able to eat when others are.

I dont know. I’m still on the fence.


maybe after you go you’ll find some there do the same.


I say you get a second job or take out a loan on your mortgage to pay for your new posh lifestyle.


That was a joke btw, don’t really do it!
I mean you can get a low interest loan without mortgaging your house. :thinking: :slight_smile:

joking again


There is nothing wrong with being on a budget.

My mom has a friend who even doesn’t take a drink when they go to a café. She thinks it’s a waste of money. And when they go somewhere she makes a picknick that they can eat somewhere in a park.


Would it be rude if you simple ordered a water and said your not hungry or on a diet or something? Or maybe you could share an appetizer with someone? I’m sure there’s other book clubs in your town :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck hope you can find another solution


I would also consider asking the restaurants why their salad is 20 dollars. I mean, do they sprinkle diamond dust over them as a dressing or something?


I wouldn’t want to have to fake it

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The other book clubs around me allow men. I am looking for a female only club. My husband doesn’t want me meeting up with coed groups

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Yeah @Bowens . It’s just a garden salad for $20. Their meals are even worse. It’s ridiculous


What’s wrong with coed groups? Smh I don’t agree with your husband’s thinking


My husbands last two wives both cheated on him. Now he’s freaked out


In your husband’s defence I might agree with him. Even if your partners loyal it doesn’t mean others won’t try to flirt with them. There’s also something called micro cheating which I know you’d never do im just saying in general.


Yes @ThePoet . We’ve agreed he doesn’t hang with females and I don’t hang with males.

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You guys have such a beautiful relationship it seems. You take such good care of eachother it’s an inspiration. Anyways sorry for derailing :smile: bookclub bookclub bookclub

Just an idea…maybe you could start a book club group? You have good leadership skills I think :slightly_smiling_face::thinking:

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