Long termed friendships?

Anybody else have a friend from way back in their childhood years?


I have a friend from over 40 years ago. She’s a very cool person, love her to death.


We were 11 and 12 when we became friends

David Gilmore, Roger Waters, and Syd Barrett, members of the rock group PINK FLOYD were all childhood friends.

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That’s really interesting, my friend and I were going to become a famous rock band but at the last minute we changed our minds and decided to just lay low.


I’ve known a close friend since I was 7 and have fb connections with several of my elementary school classmates.

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No, I wish I had. I was thinking of reconnecting to my childhood friend. She lives here. It would be nice. But I want to be a bit healthier first.

We moved a few times, so I lost touch with my earliest friends long ago.


Have a few friends, one from high school and three I met in my 20’s. I’m in my 40’s now. I lost touch with childhood friends. Don’t use social media, so only way to meet them is to run into them.

I’m don’t have any friends from childhood. I really wish I did.

I do, but we don’t talk often. My best friend from childhood was killed at 19. I’m still friends with the other 2 from our group.

I had up until my mid 30’s or so kept in contact with several. Had some limited contact with until shortly after beginnings of psychosis in early 40’s. Cut off all contact during psychosis and many years passed. Have not talked to since.

Most of my current long term friends started when I was sixteen, because that’s when we moved cross country. So I’ve been friends with them about 24 years now and still going strong.


My only friend, and best friend from elementary and higschool commited suicide at age of 30.
He was very paranoid…
Most of others dismissed us since we got ill.
Never went to reunions.
PS I’ve heard about gossips about us in derogative way, so…

I keep in touch with two of my childhood friends but barely.

They have become radical right wing fanatics so I really don’t contact them anymore.

Not much in common

They have become too political

I cut contact with all my friends. Probably wasn’t the best decision I ever had. But I’m not “there”. So what’s the point?

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My voices always said I’m “not there”. But even if I am dead, dumb, and blind, I can still be there.

Well it’s really complicated. For me, it feels like I’m dead and alive at the same time. There are parts of me still there, but they go unseen by the outside world (due to my flat affect etc). So I’m just a prisoner of my own mind.


I have a couple of buds from my junior high days that I now chat with regularly online and one of them I see occasionally as we live close to each other. Friends for over 40 years.

I miss the feeling of having friends.

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I talk to several of my friends from childhood. So many of them are on my facebook too. Currently living with someone ive known since middle school, and my best friend ive also known since middle school, and we have been best friends since 16 and im 30 now. I tend to hold onto friends which is good because now i dont know how to make new ones lol

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