Do you still contact your school friends?

Do you still keep in contact with your high school,secondary school or junior college friends?
I don’t connect with them anymore,even though I had added them on facebook but I don’t and seldom talk to them…I hope I can make some friends,just don’t know how to begin about it as my time was spent at work and at night with family,maybe I can make friends at work

Ya work would be a nice place to make friends :smile: . At least their you would have something in common with other people.

I have no contac t with old school friends.

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Not really. There are a few people I stay in touch with. Most of them were totally unlike me. Smoking pot and drinking alcohol was the only thing that kept the bond alive that and sharing a house. I’m even more removed with sz. It’s the product of incompatibility. They would be kind to me and I to them but that’s about as far as the relationship goes. They are all hard at work living real lives while I’m caught up in a fantastic persecution complex.

I don’t really miss those people, but I do have a few friends.

Could use more my life is pretty dull.

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My friendships ended badly. But it had nothing to do with schizophrenia. They “grew” while I stayed in one place. They moved on. It was actually quite painful. I am curious as to what they’ve done in life but I have no interest in seeing them again. But we had many good times and many miserable times. We were close, I’m sure they remember the good times we had.

I added and got added on Facebook by old friends but like some of u compatibility is way out, I don’t like Facebook much & I don’t work, I don’t socialise, I’ve been in recluse pretty much 8 years straight apart from going to the shops for neccesities. I’ve got one friend who I now consider my best mate who has Schizoaffective disorder who went to the same school as me and went through the same drug scene as well, we are best mates for nany reasons but pretty much because we both support each other and believe in meds, for the last 4 years we’ve been back in contact we are both fairly stable and we both love Pink Floyd, Coke & Smokes Lol

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I use to bump into my best friend from High School a lot. . He kept friends with our group and said they often hung out at a nightclub during the weekends/evenings/nights. I was always given a open invitation to join them. I guess always thought I could beat the illness and resume friendships. So was pretty much worried on the stigma with the old gang. So never went. Now. I presume they all went their separate ways with partners and possible kids.

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I have one friend I grew up with who just came back into my life last year.

All the rest… no. In fact some I try to avoid.

How did it happen?did you contact him or he contacted you?is he your best friend now or just normal friend?

I guess because of my social anxiety I didn’t hang out at clubs or go to parties as I got into my 20’s so my friends grew up and left me behind to the point most of them are now addicted to meth living on the street.I always felt like such a freak because I was literally afraid of the problems socializing brings with it.Some people that still have jobs that I went to school with are dealing with other problems due to socializing like divorces, child support etc…I like woman and wish I had a wife but I never wanted to go through all the trouble thats required for that.In retrospect looking at all the trouble they are going through it seems I made out OK even with the delusions and voices…well thats when I can control them.

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That’s kind of how I feel about being a college failout. I’m debt free. Not really on any career path, but I own a car outright and will soon have my own place by the end of the year.

Best friend… was a best friend as we were growing up. Both of us got mad at each other when we were 17 to 18 and lost touch for a long time.

Last year his kid sis and my kid sis got the two of us in the same place at the same time. We managed to talk and get the friendship back on track. He’s been a very great friend over the year.


yeah ive got some friends from high school i havent seen in a while, but they are still my friends

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2 are my bestfriends, and I live with a 3rd one that was also a friend from highschool. Ive known all 3 of them since grade 9 , so for about 13 years now . so yeah i keep in contact with 3 people basically

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