Sometimes I would like to

Talk to someone I knew from younger years, but it’s just, everybody is either deceased, disappeared or not worth the time. It’s crazy I can’t find anyone from college years and stuff, And the person I wanna talk to the most died two years ago from heroin OD damn he had great potential as a musician and we were just on the same page intellectually and everything else. Nowadays he could’ve been a good friend to me but I’m sad to say he’s gone.


From college years I have still one friend, lives in the city.
From army I have another friend. He lives in the city.
From high school i have some but we never talk or go out together, they live in the city.
So I am alone in my village


I have one freind from recent college years we sometimes text and say we’ll meet for drink but it’s been six years and we’ve got together once
I have no school freinds as we’ve moved a lot and left behind

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you’re supposed to look them up on Facebook, @Jonnybegood

I did they’re all disappeared

my daughter says that she and some of her friends

are leaving social media.

hope your old friends are ok.

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