Long termed friendships?

I formed the Wednsday Adventure Club. I picked a day of the week and get together with friends I’ve known for ages. Day doesn’t matter but I keep in touch with people from the neighbourhood …so I was 10years old…to first year of highschool…12 years old…and a few later.

I’ve always been social and kept in contact. It was wild years in between but I’ve always kept in contact. Now I’m over 50 we get together every month at least and I tend to organise it all. We currently get 4-6 people together regularly.

So yes. It was developed over the years of my existence and often what that means is ringing someone and saying hello. You don’t have to catch up all the time and often there’s years between us meeting but keeping in touch helps and there’s so many avenues these days with the digital world. Facebook messenger is so easy to use even for people overseas.

It’s never too late to connect with others you know. Just don’t expect them to be on the same page as you because over the years my friends and I have done different things but it’s nice to get back together.


Na. I’ve moved too many times. Im on like move 50 some. Lost all the connections over time.