Hey guy just wondering how people deal with loneliness?


I enjoy the company of myself


Is there anybody that you could reach out to? Like family?

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My family do not really support me! Sometimes i just hate this illness! Anyway just venting!


Sometimes you have to ask them for support. I wish I had a better answer though.

I have people in my life and at times that can be challenging but solitude is desired so much I can’t relate.
But the lonliness I have is being alone in this suffering / journey (outside of clinical supports), so I come to this forum so I can be not alone. Is there a support group you could join or a place to volunteer? I can’t handle volunteering but some people do and it gives them community

Thanks guys for all the replies, i am going to be joining my local clubhouse soon so that will help me i hope!


I agree with @Om_Sadasiva, trying to find a way to be happy with ur own company is important.
But at the same time I need some time with others. I’m too afraid to meet with people atm so wat I do is I keep contact with a friend via texting mainly. Just a tiny bit of social contact like that keeps me going. Also going on bus journeys I feel like I’m around people, them chatting to each other etc is a comforting feeling.


I feel lonely even that i have a few friends and a supportive family. It’s a good idea to go to the clubhouse, though i don’t know what a clubhouse is. Somewhere you can find kindred spirits, i guess.

Thank guys for your advice, really appreciate it! sean

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