How do you cope with loneliness and isolation?

Hey guys, as above, thoughts?


Is there any clubhouse you can join or any groups you can attend? Do you have any family you can reach out to at all?


Im isolated alot - can go days without seeing a soul, apart from the cleaner that turns up once a week. But i dive into my (rather expensive) computer hobby. Normally my PIP will go on some form of upgrade or the latest game.

Doesnt take away the need for company, all my pc kit is just a sticking plaster for the want of a meaningful relationship with a person that, for once in my life doesnt have a drug problem or is more interested in my bank balance.


As i have said before. I’m alone 99% of the time for decades now. It would be nice to have someone, but the few times people have dropped by over the years, I usually just want them to leave after about a hour,

I think it would be different with a lover, but no one would want to live in isolation with me, so I just keep to myself

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I listen to the radio watch tv and make it a point to have a conversation with someone during the day. I also go to church and bible study.

I chat with my friends on here, i play with my dogs and talk with my counselor and therapist, this help with my loneliness and isolation.

Change thinking to reflect the reality that another person isnt necessarily make your life better.

That’s sad @Mountainman. I wish you had at least one person to be with regularly. I wouldn’t be able to handle that isolation at all

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Memes, music, YouTube videos and video games.

I live with my parents n brothers and have 3 friends who call regularly but we rarely hangout bcz of my negative symptoms. Sometimes Ill walk outside with my parents or go visit my uncle, he lives close by.

Definitely look for groups. Often times there are charities that do small group sessions in certain subjects related to MH. I’ve done a couple, doing one at the moment on assertiveness. I sometimes get frustrated that it is slow, but its nice to meet with people in a similar position to me and the advice is good.

You can also look for courses in things whether its academic or artistic or sporty. Or even a walking group. You’ll likely meet people who are on a similar page to you

Call people by phone if you have friends that you haven’t seen. Its hard to do when I feel low, but most of my friends don’t mind spending 20 mins on the phone if I want to chat. It can make a big difference just to have someone to share my feelings with even if nothing really gets solved. I send a text before hand asking if/when they are free.
That said not all friends are emotionally open enough to be there for me. But I feel like that’s more on them than me.

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